Learning Off Campus

dorcas washington

One thing I appreciate about Transy is the ability to learn all over the world. They give you the option to study abroad and learn at your local college. I get incredibly bored over the summer. Most of my friends live pretty far away and so I figured taking a class wouldn’t hurt me. Our registrar office at Transy is extremely accommodating with students. I’ve know people who have taken classes online and at the community colleges all over the US.

Anyway, the process was easy. I found the class I was looking for, filled out my portion of the form, had the department chair of that academic area fill out his section approving it and I was done. It was a lot easier than I expected it to be. Now that I know this, I will probably be taking more classes during my summer break. You never know they can be beneficial in the future. They also can transfer back as an elective if Transy does not offer an equivalent course. This is the time to discover and learn after all. I think this is a pretty great way to start my summer, and my class is only a month long. I’ll have another credit and most of the summer to still relax.

Thank You Transy 🙂