Transylvania Admissions Blogging Team

Meet the 2014-15 Transylvania Admissions Blogging Team!

Meet Emily

Year: Senior
Major: Writing, Rhetoric, and Communication
Minor: Environmental Studies and Religion
Hometown: Florence, KY

Meet Rachel

Year: Senior
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Midway, KY

Meet Lesley

Year: Sophomore
Major: Possibly English
Hometown: Princeton, KY



Meet Samuel

Year: Sophomore
Major: Intenational Affairs, French
Hometown: Winchester, KY


Meet J.T

Year: First-year
Major: Spanish, Minor: Music and Chemistry
Hometown: Danville, KY


2 thoughts on “Transylvania Admissions Blogging Team

    • We do have an art major! The best thing about the department is that you get the experience of really studying under professionals but you also are going to get a great liberal arts education in addition to mastering your artist pursuits. There’s a lot of information at:!

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