J.T Henderson ’18

J.TJ.T. Henderson is a first-year at Transy, originally from Danville, KY. He plans on being a Spanish major with minors in Music and Chemistry and is also on a Pre-Med track. He enjoys country music from the late 90s and early 2000s.

J.T. has only been on campus for a few short months, but is already more involved in campus activities and events than he anticipated. He is currently involved with the A-Team in the admissions office, the Transy Habitat of Humanity Club, the Pioneer Leadership Program, the Crimson Crazies, and is also a member of Delta Sigma Phi.

One of the main reasons J.T decided to attend Transy was because he felt a strong sense of community when he visited campus for the first time. He also chose Transy because he knew he would be able to play on the Men’s Tennis Team and in the Concert Band.

J.T. looks forward to sharing his Transy experiences with you all throughout the year.

Follow J.T on Twitter @JdotTdot17


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