Soaking Up Your Summer Time

by: J.T. Henderson


One of the benefits to being in college is that you get longer summer breaks, and that means that you have more time for work, research, internships, travel, fun, etc. As I began to think about what I wanted to do with my summer, I initially wanted to do everything – study abroad, get a job, research – and I soon realized that I was being incredibly unrealistic and impractical. I dropped thoughts about summer plans for a little bit, but as summer began to quickly approach with only a few months to go, my thoughts kept drifting back to my summer plans. I decided that I didn’t want to study abroad , so I scrapped that idea. After that I decided that I wanted to live on campus and either work or research in Lexington, so I had to prepare myself for these possibilities by going to Transy’s fantastic Career Development office.

The staff in the Career Development office are so friendly and helpful, and that’s what I needed – a lot of help. I needed to be able to create an impressive résumé and cover letter if I wanted a chance at these summer opportunities. I worked with Michael Cronk, assistant director of the office, to build these essential documents to help me apply for positions that interested me. The first job I applied for was a Patient Care Tech position in UK’s Emergency Department, and thanks to Michael’s help, I was offered an interview for the position!

Before my interview date, I spoke with Susan Rayer, the networking queen and director of the office, about my interview. She assured me that I would do great, but if I didn’t get the job, that Transy had connections with other area hospitals that she would help me get in touch with. Susan also helped me to set up an interview prep session with Michael so that I would be completely prepared.

I also began looking into research programs to give me as many options as possible for my summer. You only get a few summers in your undergraduate career, so it’s important that you do what you want to do in the short time you have. Transy makes it a priority to help you get where you want to go and the Career Development office is just one way that the university does this but it is also one of the best. The staff is committed to setting you up for success during, and after, your time at Transy. I’m very confident that I will be able to choose one of the options I’m interested in and spend my summer doing what I want to do because of the assistance I’ve received from the Career Development office and the rest of the Transylvania community.

Hello, It’s Me

by: Sam Crankshaw

Hey guys! My name is Sam and I am a rising senior at Transy! As you may be able to tell from the title of this blog, I started the year off strong with Adele’s 25 on vinyl…on repeat. Like all Transy students, I am involved in a number of organizations on campus, some of which were predictable as a high schooler, and some of which took me by surprise.

Sam Intro Pic

Sam is second from the left, in the gray TransyBikes! shirt. 

First off, I have a machine in me. Pretty much the only thing that can make me stop moving for more than five minutes is a date with The Newsroom, my favorite HBO show. Aside from an avid HBO viewer, I am the manager of Transy Bikes!, one of our coolest student led programs if you ask me, I am a manager and caller for Phonathon, one of the Alumni Office’s outreach programs, I work in the Office of Sustainability, I work on art projects, spend time hiking, and more.

I told you all of those little tid bits about me before I told you my major because I wanted you to see just how diverse the activities in which Transy students engage themselves are. As an International Affairs and French double major, you don’t see me in the stereotypical clubs, such as debate, French Club, etc., and that is quite typical of Transy students.

Here’s a little about my past: I was born in Lexington, grew up in Winchester, KY, looked at colleges all over the country, and ended up right in the center of the city in which I was born. And I couldn’t be happier. I have two older brothers who taught me the ropes of getting away with mischief, and they ended up back in Lexington after graduating also. Something about the Bluegrass creates an energy that is inescapable, and seems to always pull people back after they leave. I guess what this paragraph boils down to is that “I Bleed Blue”…and a little crimson too.

If you want to see me outside of my blog, find me on Facebook under Samuel Crankshaw, or on Twitter @samuel_crank or Instagram @scranky. Be sure to check out Transy Bikes! on Facebook under Transy Bikes or on Twitter and Instagram @Transy_Bikes, or the website here.

Home for the Holidays

By: Catherine Clark

Clark.My first hello.Photo#1

Coming home for fall, Thanksgiving, winter, or spring break is always a great time to relax… and answer questions. This is especially true around the holidays when you see extended family from all over for the first time that year. Once you start college I guarantee this is what you’ll hear: “So where are you at again? Transylvania? Oh, how’s that going?” And honestly, it’s hard to say.

You’re just making small talk right? How do you sum up the incredible experience you’re in? If it’s just your first year, you might be a little homesick (but you’re not going to unload that on anyone over cheese and crackers) but most likely you are having the time of your life. How can you explain classes are hard but so rewarding? Or that you’ve met the best people on this planet and they’re now your closest friends? How can you describe that one night you visited 10 different Forrer rooms before settling in one until 3am with Mad Mush cheese sticks and friends?

mad mush

Mad Mushroom Cheese Sticks … a staple at Transy!

Truly, your great aunt does want to know how you’re doing. “Good” is an unsatisfying reply but that long list might be more than she bargained for. So then I start to think, how am I really doing? College can be exhausting but exciting. Especially as a rising junior, I wonder why it is I do still love Transy and how I’m still doing all right. Being away from school for three weeks and answering many questions such as these, I’ve decided I still love Transy for all the reasons I never expected to. Sure, I expected to make friends but not friends as great as the ones I have now. And yeah, I was definitely hoping to accomplish some things but never the great opportunities presented to me at Transy. And I obviously hoped to learn a thing or two, but never did I think I’d discover so much and be challenged in the way I have.

So great aunt Alice, I do love college and I’m doing great! Let me tell you a strategically selected, short anecdote about something that happened in class…

Roommates: Nothing to Stress About

By: Rachel Cox

One of the most nerve racking parts about coming to college and living on campus is figuring out who you are going to room with. Sharing a space and spending a significant amount of time with a person can be intimidating, especially if you have had your own room at home your whole life like I have. I just want to share some roommate scenarios to reassure you that everything always works out for the best.


First-year students live in Forrer Hall, connected to Transy’s cafeteria and the W.T. Young Campus Center (above). 

While I was being recruited for basketball, the coach recruiting me at the time suggested that I live with another incoming basketball commit. I did not know her at all but I contacted her and we decided to live together for our freshman year in Forrer Hall. We bunked our beds, got a futon and a T.V. and we were great roommates and friends even though we hadn’t known each other before coming to Transy. We ended up being teammates as well as sorority sisters and we got along extremely well and we spent an immense amount of time together.

As sophomore year rolled around, my former roommate decided to live off campus while I preferred to continue to live in the dorms for convenience reasons, so a mutual friend deemed that myself and my current roommate would be a good match. My current roommate plays softball and she is not affiliated meaning that she is not in a sorority. We currently live in Poole Residence Center and I couldn’t be more pleased with the way things turned out.

Don’t worry if you have a random roommate you haven’t met – you can get to know them on social media (join the #Transy2020 group on Facebook!).  All things considered, there is little reason to be nervous about adapting to the dorm life especially in terms of the roommate aspect. 

Meet Rachel Cox!


My name is Rachel Cox and I am a rising junior at Transy!

Cox.MeetRachelCox.Photo1I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah but I grew up in Northern Kentucky and attended Simon Kenton High School. I have a younger sister and my family lives on a horse farm in Crittenden, KY. I love all kinds of music and I love to travel. Some of my hobbies outside of Transy include riding horses, snow skiing and boating.

Here at Transy, I am a biology major and a chemistry and psychology minor. My post graduate plans consists of attending medical school and becoming a doctor for one of the branches of the military.

I am involved in many activities on and off campus. I am a member of the Transylvania Women’s Basketball Team. We are currently ranked in the top 25 teams in the nation and I am a huge advocate for NCAA Division III athletics. Transy is a great place to be a student athlete. We recently traveled to Los Angeles, California and we played games at Pomona College and Claremont College.

I am also a member of Chi Omega. I had not planned on joining a sorority prior to coming to Transy but I have never looked back once I decided to join. I found a home in Chi Omega and my sisters are the best support system that I could ask for. I also believe that Transy has one of the best Greek communities in terms of all of the chapters being very inclusive. I have many friends in many other sororities, fraternities, as well as many unaffiliated friends.

Other groups on campus that I am a part of include Habitat for Humanity, which is a community service group, and the PROs team, a group of current students who help with recruitment of potential students. I am also a Keeneland Ambassador and a volunteer at the Kentucky Horse Park.

My First Hello

Hi everyone! My name is Catherine Clark and I am a rising junior Business Administration major and French minor here at Transy. I’m so excited to get to blog on Write On Broadway and share all the amazing experiences I’ve had at Transylvania!

Clark.My first hello.Photo#1

I’m from Owensboro, KY in western Kentucky (even though my friends from the very west of Kentucky tell me Owensboro doesn’t quite qualify as western) and a 2014 graduate of Owensboro High School. For me, Lexington is the perfect distance and size upgrade from Owensboro (home of the greatest BBQ in the country).

Everyone told me I would have to slow down when it came to extracurricular activities in college. In my first year, I believed them. I was only casually involved in about four activities. Thankfully, this year I’ve found the organizations and activities I truly care about and love to be involved in. First, I am an Admissions Ambassador and tour guide for the Office of Admissions, a member and philanthropy chair for Chi Omega, a participant in the Pioneer Leadership Certificate Program, and a senator and Public Relations chair for the Student Government Association (TUSGA). These are just the main organizations I have to opportunity to be involved with but with the huge web of community and connections at Transy, I’m involved in many other organizations as well!

I feel very fortunate to be a student at Transylvania University because I really feel this institution is the best fit for me. I love seeing a friendly and familiar face almost everywhere I turn! It is my hope that as an Admissions Ambassador and a blogger, that I can help perspective students find their fit too. Whether it ends up being Transy or not, I hope that the Admissions process at Transy aids and informs students to help them make the best decision. Good luck and never be afraid to ask questions!