A Community I Love

rachel johnson

Here at Transy, the word community seems to get thrown around a lot.  Although words sometimes lose their meaning when overused, this is a word that keeps “building” on itself (pardon the pun).

One of the reasons I chose Transy was to surround myself with this concept. For incoming freshman, I know this can be a deal-breaker (or maker) for choosing a college or university. To help your decision, here are a few of the things I am grateful for and ways that Transy builds community:

1) Resident Advisers: My own experience with my RA (and RAs of friends) has been very positive. The talk circulating the topic of the resident advisers I hear always proceeds my own encounters with them. The Residence Life office has done a remarkable job at choosing students who have innate abilities to: solve conflicts, build community among residents, keep up with schoolwork and ultimately set great examples of what a Transy student looks like.

2) Small Classes: I haven’t had a class over 30 people here. On a personal level, that is a huge plus for a few reasons. You get to know the names and faces of people in your classes, expanding your social circle. You get to express your opinions without a prevailing feeling of judgment or pressure to answer correctly. Finally, the small classes allow you to get more one-on-one time with the teachers so that you feel confident about your education.

3) Teachers: Speaking of teachers, Transy (again) does a wonderful job at choosing the professors that work at this institution. These people are (generally) interesting, well-traveled, open-minded individuals with a passion for what they do. Not only does that inspire me, but the professors here also have the ability to teach. In my career as a student, I have had only a handful of teachers who I would say I learned from (in more than one way at least) and I can say that for each professor I have had here at Transy. They are fully deserving of respect and attention, but they give those things in return as well.

Larger universities may offer some different opportunities than a small liberal arts school like Transy, but as far as the word community is concerned and the connotation that it portrays, there is no better place than Transy.