Sampling What Lexington has to Offer

J.T Henderson

If you’re considering Transy for your college destination, of course you should take a campus tour and have session with one our awesome Admissions Counselors (you can find your counselor here), but you should also get some facts about the city of Lexington! Yes, you will be taking your classes, participating in extracurriculars, and most likely living on Transy’s campus, but it’s impossible to spend all of your four years at Transy in your room, so what’s going on around in the Lexington?Lexington Skyline

Transy is located only three blocks away from downtown Lexington, making it very possible to walk, bike, or use other forms of sustainable transportation to get around this inner part of the city. There are several options for volunteering, entertainment, social outings, and eating. There are opportunities to do all of those things on campus – and you will – but Transy is committed to engaging its students in the world and the first step is in the immediate community and culture.TrianglePark

One of the things that potential students or their families frequently ask about is the food. Transy has four dining options on campus plus the restaurants that Lexington has to offer. On campus we have the main, buffet-style dining hall (the Caf), the fast food Rafskeller (the Raf), the 1780 (the ’80), and Jazzman’s, which is our campus café. The variety of eating-places allows you to eat something different everyday if you want, but sometimes you just want to go off campus to eat with your friends.

There are several chain restaurants around the city, but to really appreciate the uniqueness, you should try the local restaurants. Recently, I’ve eaten at a few local restaurants just a few blocks away called Stella’s Kentucky Deli and Grey Goose, which were both great. Plus, Transy often buys food from local farmers and restaurants to serve at events like Mad Mushroom Pizza and North Limestone Coffee and Donuts, making it easy to become addicted but also more aware of what the surrounding community has to offer. Lexington has so many opportunities, not only for food and fun, but also for jobs, internships, etc. So make sure to check out all that Lexington has to offer here and how going to Transy can allow you to take advantage of all of them!



My Transylvania Bucket List

Kelsey Smith, Class of ’13

Call me weird, but ever since I saw The Bucket List, I wanted to do more with my life.

So, at the ripe old age of 17 I created my own bucket list. I’m up to 79 items I wish to accomplish before I die. Six and 1/3 things have been crossed off of my list. When I came to Transylvania I started thinking, why not make a college bucket list? So, below is my personal list of things that really should be done before you leave this fine institution.

I challenge you to take this list and add to it, but only if you think you can get it all done by May of 2016. I wish you luck and enjoy every moment of making and accomplishing the list.

Commence Kelsey’s Transy Bucket List!

  Survive Indi’s fried chicken
  Participate in a black light party
  Go to Red River Gorge
  Join a club or organization
  Play volleyball in back circle
  Study or travel abroad
  Get an A+ on a test/paper and hang it on the mini-fridge
  Go to Keeneland
  Run through the fountains by the court house Continue reading

10 Things to Do With Your Last Month of Summer

Bryan Conover, Assistant Director of Admissions

There are 31 days left until you move to Transylvania University for your first-year! We are so excited that you will be joining us on campus soon. I wanted to take a few minutes to share the Top 10 Things to Do with your last month of Summer. Enjoy!

Here we go…

  1. Spend time with your high school friends – All of you are about to embark on exciting new adventures. Some of you will be staying close to home, some will be going across the world. Spend some time with these folks because it may be awhile before you get to hang out again. My 10-year reunion is coming up in a few months and it is unbelievable how fast the time flies.
  2. Buy twin-XL sheets – Believe me, you want to do this.
  3. Talk to your new roommate – The Res Life office sends out the name and contact information of your first-year roommate. Use it. Don’t show up on August 10th with two fridges, two TVs, two rolls of carpet, or whatever. I am not sure if you have ever had to snuggle with a roll of carpet before, but if you don’t coordinate who is bringing what things to Lexington, you may get to find out.
  4. Play with your pets – Sorry, Larry the hamster has to stay home. I know that watching him run the wheel is probably the highlight of your busy summer day, but he won’t be able to live in Forrer or Clay Hall with you. Sorry. Get those hours of wheel-watching in while you still can.
  5. Read a book for fun – No, seriously. Recreational reading becomes more and more difficult when you have 60 pages of reading for your History course every night. Oh, there will be First-Year Seminar papers, Biological Interactions labs, and Music Appreciation assignments to do, too. If you were waiting to start the Hunger Games, wait no longer (or wait until December). Continue reading

Dr. Hurley is A Treasure!

Thai restaurant

Every student who has taken Dr. Hurley’s classes will tell you that Dr. Hurley is amazing. Her classes are always so interesting and meaningful, encouraging students to reflect on themselves and question everything around us.

I have taken three of Dr. Hurley’s classes: Reading in Peace Education, Schooling in American Culture, and Non-western Enculturation. Dr. Hurley always makes classes inspiring by encouraging student to engage in class discussions. The reading assignments are carefully selected and are eye-opening. Continue reading

FAQs from the Class of 2016

Want to chat with your future classmates? Click here to check out the new discussion board on the Transylvania Class of 2016 Facebook page!

By now you seniors have made your college decision — how exciting! It is now time for those of you who have officially committed to Transylvania University to start getting to know your future classmates.

#TUClassof2016 has been a useful way to connect with other students on Twitter, and many have already liked the Class of 2016 Facebook page. I remember through the Class of 2015 page, people added new friends, found roommates, and most importantly, got questions answered. Even if its as simple as What size carpet do I need to buy for my dorm? — these questions still need answered!

So here are answers to a few of the questions that I have been asked so far by students in your class — I’m so excited about my friends coming to Transy next year! — as well as questions that I remember having at this time. Continue reading

Confessions of a (Very) Picky Eater

The Rafskellar

Everyone is nervous about starting college. Some are worried about adjusting to more difficult school work. Others are afraid of being away from home. Some are unsure how to handle their newfound free time. For me, the most terrifying part of college was the food.

I have always been a very picky eater, so I was nervous about moving to a new place with all new food options. What if I couldn’t find anything I liked in the cafeteria? What would I do then? “Try something new!” was the answer my friends and family gave me, but that was absolutely out of the question.

However, I am pleased to report that with my first year of college over halfway over, I am doing just fine! I have found plenty of food I like on campus, and….I’ve even tried some new dishes. Continue reading

My Favorite Local Spot

Third Street Stuff in Lexington

The first time I stepped inside Third Street Stuff, I knew I would be back.

I was doing my overnight visit at Transylvania and our hosts were giving us a walking-tour of downtown. We stopped by the small establishment for a drink. My eyes were moving all around as I attempted to take in everything about the busy building: the magnetic poetry walls, brightly painted chairs, currencies from various countries over the doorway, original artwork hanging everywhere, and all kinds of interesting people.

From then on, every time my family visited our relatives in Lexington, or I visited Transy, we stopped by Third Street Stuff. Not only do they have a neat restaurant (a hip, colorful, coffee-and-sandwich kind of place), but attached to it is the most random, wonderful store. On several occasions, I have stopped by and just browsed through for an hour.There is something new every time. There are books, jewelry, bags, scarves, trinkets, eco-friendly and recycled products, magnets, and so much more. I’ve gotten several birthday and Christmas gifts for friends here — I’ll take any occasion to come back! Continue reading