Joyeux La Fete Nationale!

The photos below were submitted by Transylvania students studying in France.

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Joyeux La Fete Nationale! (Happy Bastille Day). Tomorrow, July 14, commemorates the storming of the Bastille prison during the French Revolution in 1789.

Transylvania students have opportunities to celebrate this national holiday while in France, either on a summer study abroad program or doing an internship in Normandy through Lexington’s Sister Cities Commission.  During the academic year, semester programs are available in Caen, Nantes, Paris (several program choices), and Rennes, and periodically, students and faculty have participated in Transy’s Tour de France  a three- week bicycle tour of southern France during May term.

Interested in studying outside of France? No problem. We offer opportunities for students of all majors to study around the world. Study abroad is so accessible for Transylvania students that nearly 70 percent of our students participate. You can study abroad and stay on track for graduation.

Can’t find the right program? We’ll help you create your own experience. Last year, our students studied abroad in more than 20 countries across the globe, including Norway, Ecuador, China, Israel, Chile, Japan, the Philippines and more.

You’re welcome to visit our Study Abroad Office website for more information. It’s never too early to plan!

Vive La France!

– Kathy Simon
Director of Study Abroad and Special Programs


James and the Giant Bubble

Transylvanians have a unique vernacular for the close knit campus community all students and staff find themselves in.

The “Transy Bubble” is an interesting phenomenon to say the least. Its initial connotation may be perceived as a conveyance of an overly insular convent in which no secret is sacred and privacy is non-existent. This would be an incorrect and short sighted interpretation of what the “Transy Bubble” is really like, but one not directly affiliated with the “Bubble” cannot be blamed for misappropriating what the particulars of our terminology are. In actuality, the “Bubble” is all about creating a caring campus environment, and dispelling cliquish social formations. Continue reading


Miso Soup

Miso Soup

Taking an advantage of being in the United States, I am exploring all kinds of restaurants in town. Last week I dined at a Japanese restaurant called Miyako Sushi and Steak House on Richmond Road. I ordered Miso Soup, Vegetable Tempura, and Sushi Deluxe. I was impressed by the simpleness of the dish, the quality of ingredients, and the presentation of the cuisine.

First, I started the dinner with a bowl of Miso soup. Miso soup consists of tofu and edible kelp, mixing into the softened miso paste. (I know kelp may not sound so palatable, but it tastes really good if you stop thinking that it is kelp!) Although there were not many ingredients in the soup, I still enjoyed the Miso soup and found it delicious. The Miso soup reflects a unique aspect of the profound Japanese culture. Continue reading

Social Media has landed at Transy…Gracefully.

Social Media Incorporation is a fad that’s currently sweeping our nation. (well at least within the contiguous U.S. I’m not really sure what goes on in Alaska and Hawaii) Americans of all ages have been bombarded with adoption of Twitters by celebs and organizations and encouragements from universities across the country for teachers and students to “integrate” (in this context a broadly used term with an almost sarcastically broad connotation) social media into their academic lives.

But as fads of the past, and basically any worthwhile trend throughout history have demonstrated, adoption of such a trendy convention comes with inherent risks. The presentation can be tone deaf and boring, goofy and ill conceived, dopey and trying-too-hard, sometimes all at once. However, with all the confidence instilled within me by my witnessing of the births of both Facebook and Twitter, and my role as a semi-pretentious, shamelessly entitled, WASPy, generation X-er I say that Transylvania University has successfully incorporated (in this context denoting a seamless inclusion of social media conventions and services to enhance student life and the campus community simultaneously) the dangerously faddy social media mainstays into their personal brand. I know this especially well since besides all the other prerequisites I’ve achieved, I’ve also been directly affected by these implementations! Continue reading

This is not a commercial!

Panda Cuisine in Lexington, Ky.

I went to the Panda Cuisine yesterday with my Chinese friends, and absolutely love the Chinese food there! We ordered Mapo tofu, Panda’s fish delight, Yu-shiang garlic eggplant, Pork ribs with torso and Garlic green beans. Among all dishes that we ordered, I especially enjoyed the Yu-shiang garlic eggplant and Fulin’s fish delight.

Yu-shiang garlic eggplant is a spicy dish and is one of the most popular home style dishes in Sichuan province, China. The dish has a very soft taste just like marshmallow because the eggplant is cut into strips and stir-fried in the wok before serving. Continue reading