New Year, New Beginnings

Sam Crankshaw

Hi all, My name is Sam and I am happy to say that I will be back for a second year of blogging for Transy’s Office of Admissions!

Here are some basics about me: I love all things Transy and all things Lexington; I’m bluegrass born and raised; my blood type is coffee (the vampires on campus don’t seem to mind); politics keep me going; and as per usual I am writing this blog at Third Street Stuff and Coffee.

I am majoring in International Affairs and French. I chose Transylvania because I wanted a quality liberal arts education in an urban setting, and Transy is one of the only colleges in the nation that can offer that.

I spend a great deal of my time with coursework, I am the Vice President of the Student Government Association, I work with the President’s Council on Sustainability, I am involved in Greek Life, and I work for political campaigns. Sleep is not in vocabulary, but nap time most certainly is. In my free time you can find me cozy-ing up with Netflix, jogging, reading, traveling, hiking, biking, kayaking, enjoying downtown festivities and more.

If you kept up with my blogs last year, you will notice a slight change this year. I wrote a lot about why I love Transy and it unique position in downtown Lexington, but this year I have some exciting news; I will be studying in France for the Winter Semester! That’s right. France.

I said earlier that I chose Transy because of its location and education, but did I also mention that it has one of the best study abroad offices? I investigated study abroad at several other universities when applying to college, and none of them had the number of relationships with universities abroad, nor the affordability of Transy’s programs abroad.

The Office of Admissions has conferred me the opportunity to share my experience abroad with all of you through these blogs. I’m looking forward to catching you between flights and coffee, to show you what Transylvania and the global community that it is a part of has to offer.


Making the Most of Your Summer

Justine Yentsch

If you’re an incoming student, it may sound to early to think about you are going to do in your first college summer, but it’s always good to think ahead. Just as there are many ways to bolster your academic experience (and resume!) during the school year, there are also unlimited options over the summer, either through the school or through other organizations. I’ve already calculated the exact number of days I have in summer (102 days to be exact), and I fully plan to make the most of them so I have have stories to tell once I get back to campus for fall semester.

First off, whatever you’re doing, you should definitely be enjoying your summer. It’s a great opportunity to relax, get back to a normal sleep schedule, and visit old friends. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with doing absolutely nothing if that’s what makes you happy and prepares you for the school year. But even if it’s just taking a roadtrip or crossing things off a summer bucket list, it’s always good to keep things interesting, otherwise the months might be pretty boring.

Some people head off to foreign countries, either with a study abroad program or with their family. You can immerse yourself in different cultures, be exposed to history, and maybe learn a little bit of another language. But you can also learn just as much by traveling to different places within your own country. Being in new surroundings can change your perspective of the world and can inspire you.

“Once” Is Not Enough

ameka menes

While in London, I saw “Once,” the musical, in London’s Phoenix Theatre. I had heard many great things about it, but I was completely unprepared for what I would experience. In my time in London, we saw a lot of shows as a class: operas, plays, concerts – but not one of those made me cry. “Once” however, by myself on my final night in London, did the trick.

It’s about a requited love that simply can’t happen. A woman discovers a man singing along to his guitar, and watches him finish his performance by flinging his pick into his case followed by his instrument. Fed up with his inability to make any progress with his music, he’s ready to give up on his gift – and ultimately himself. This woman intervenes and sticks by his side, encouraging him to pursue his dreams… one of which is her. Whether or not she agrees in the end, you’ll need to see for yourself. Just keep some tissues nearby, okay? Continue reading

The Day We Almost (But Not Really) Met One Direction


Towards the end of our time in London this May term, my friends Chelsea, Meaghan, Rebecca, and I were spending all of our free time cramming in as many tourist attractions as possible. Okay, who am I kidding — that’s how we spent our free time the entire trip. Had to make the most of it, right?

On this particular Wednesday, our plan had been to visit the site of the 2012 Summer Olympics, between our morning class and evening trip to see “War Horse” at the New London Theatre, but that never ended up happening. (It was too far away and everything was under construction, so we wouldn’t have been able to see anything.)

What did happen that afternoon turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences of our two-week trip.

When I arrived to class that morning, Meaghan already had a plan. She had happened to see on Twitter that the members of One Direction would be holding a press conference in London at noon. And we were going. Continue reading

Leaving London

ameka menes

I was born in Budapest to two Hungarian parents. I like to think I’m half American and half Hungarian, since I was raised mostly in the states. Another way of seeing that is that I’m half European. So when I getting ready for my May term trip, I thought I’d enjoy London – it has a lot to offer, and a great deal that I knew would particularly suit my tastes. I love cities (Europe is fantastic, of course), and I love languages and the art scene anywhere, which was specifically what my Fine Arts class was heading to London for!

Let me give you a glimpse of my final night as I headed back to Regent’s College. I knew leaving would be difficult. I knew that it might be impossibly hard. But it’s different when it’s really, finally happening and that feeling is real.

Knowing I had to leave made me heartbroken. I was completely and utterly in love with London. I still am. But I needed to return to Lexington. Summer break was just on the other side of the weekend. Continue reading

May Term Across the Pond


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If you’ve been paying any attention to this blog recently, you know that Ameka and I recently returned from a two-week trip to London, England. If you haven’t been paying attention, just look back through our most recent posts to catch up with the excitement.

As you know, this was for an Intro to the Fine Arts course, so we spent a lot of our time getting all kinds of artistic, cultural experiences. I could never condense the entire experience into one post, so instead, I picked one day to summarize. And I’ll let the pictures do the talking for the rest.


Here's most of our class outside of the National Gallery. Apparently I was the only one who didn't think to take my hood off before the picture...

Here’s most of our class outside of the National Gallery. Apparently I was the only one who didn’t think to take my hood off before the picture…

Wednesday, May 8 (Day 3): Our first trip was to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre for a tour. I’ll admit, I’m not much of a Shakespeare fan, but the tour was still interesting because of all the history. The current Globe is not far from where the theater originally stood, and the current building was designed to look just like its predecessor. Our tour guide was hilarious and called me out for showing up a purple jacket — purple was reserved for royals in the Elizabethan era so if I had worn it then, I would’ve been in big trouble. Continue reading

Oh, the Places You’ll Go and the Things You’ll Learn!

malory thelen

When I was a high school senior trying to make my final college decision, there were several factors that influenced my decision.  Also, through my work on STARS (I can never remember what the acronym stands for – it’s like Student Telecounseling Recruiters…with an ‘a’ somewhere in there, but anyway: we’re the students who call prospective students).  Let’s try this again, through my work on STARS, I have also come across recurring concerns or deciding factors for students.  They include:

  1. The Campus Visit: I cannot stress this enough.  This one single day blew the competition away (and it rhymes!).  I went on multiple campus visits, but I just felt so welcome and at home at Transylvania – and that was a feeling that I didn’t get anywhere else.
  2. The Money: Yes, it’s blunt, but this issue has the potential to prevent many students from even considering certain colleges.  However, the truth is, Transy has consistently been ranked one of the most affordable liberal arts colleges in the country.  Here, we promise to meet every student’s demonstrated financial need, and we recently introduced the Pioneer Pledge, where you can lock in a tuition rate for all four years.  Of course, we also offer several scholarships, work study options for those who qualify, and other forms of financial aid.  Check it all out here: Continue reading