Soaking Up Your Summer Time

by: J.T. Henderson


One of the benefits to being in college is that you get longer summer breaks, and that means that you have more time for work, research, internships, travel, fun, etc. As I began to think about what I wanted to do with my summer, I initially wanted to do everything – study abroad, get a job, research – and I soon realized that I was being incredibly unrealistic and impractical. I dropped thoughts about summer plans for a little bit, but as summer began to quickly approach with only a few months to go, my thoughts kept drifting back to my summer plans. I decided that I didn’t want to study abroad , so I scrapped that idea. After that I decided that I wanted to live on campus and either work or research in Lexington, so I had to prepare myself for these possibilities by going to Transy’s fantastic Career Development office.

The staff in the Career Development office are so friendly and helpful, and that’s what I needed – a lot of help. I needed to be able to create an impressive résumé and cover letter if I wanted a chance at these summer opportunities. I worked with Michael Cronk, assistant director of the office, to build these essential documents to help me apply for positions that interested me. The first job I applied for was a Patient Care Tech position in UK’s Emergency Department, and thanks to Michael’s help, I was offered an interview for the position!

Before my interview date, I spoke with Susan Rayer, the networking queen and director of the office, about my interview. She assured me that I would do great, but if I didn’t get the job, that Transy had connections with other area hospitals that she would help me get in touch with. Susan also helped me to set up an interview prep session with Michael so that I would be completely prepared.

I also began looking into research programs to give me as many options as possible for my summer. You only get a few summers in your undergraduate career, so it’s important that you do what you want to do in the short time you have. Transy makes it a priority to help you get where you want to go and the Career Development office is just one way that the university does this but it is also one of the best. The staff is committed to setting you up for success during, and after, your time at Transy. I’m very confident that I will be able to choose one of the options I’m interested in and spend my summer doing what I want to do because of the assistance I’ve received from the Career Development office and the rest of the Transylvania community.


Community Engagement Through the Arts

Lesley Goodaker

In spite of Transylvania’s longstanding place in the heart of Lexington, it is only within recent years that the greater Lexington area and members of Transylvania’s community have had a more interactive relationship. Recent years have seen the creation of paper lanterns hung in a local park, temporary murals displayed in local establishments, birdhouses distributed throughout out nearby neighborhoods, and marketing efforts with local non-profit organizations. As a Writing, Rhetoric, and Communication (WRC) student, I have had the privilege of being involved with two courses which have worked alongside community partners.

Community Engagement muralA mural created through community engagement

My first efforts that took me outside of the Transy Bubble were a part of my Digital Rhetoric course. The course, taught by second year professor Dr. Kerri Hauman, unveiled the manner through which digital tools are influencing our understandings of rhetorical conventions and principles. Accordingly, we utilized a number of digital tools including audio recorders, camcorders, and online sites to create variosu pieces of work throughout the semester. In taking our studies a step further and outside of The Bubble, Dr. Hauman organized for our class of six (in conjunction with another WRC course)to work alongside of a local physical rehabilitation facility to create digital propaganda. My group was assigned to the facility’s Adaptive Recreation program. In doing so, we were given the opportunity to act as professionals in the work force. We were responsible for meeting with member’s on staff at the facility to determine what they were looking for in terms of final projects as well as organizing everything in between from interviews to filming. At the end of the term, our final was to present our projects to staff members at the facility.

Another project I was involved with was a part of the Writing for/with Non-profits course offered during May Term. The course, co-taught by Drs Kerri Hauman and Scott Whiddon, allowed for students to partner with members of the Lexington Community Action Council to again, produce viable propaganda for the organizations we worked with. Throughout the process, students worked within small groups to determine what would best suit each Community partner and serve them well in the years to come. While both professors offered their full assistance when needed, they ensured that their presence maintained a distance so that students felt secure and confident in the final works produced. Students were offered a sense of autonomy which many had never before been afforded in an academic setting.

Overall, both courses proved extremely rewarding. In terms of academics, I learned a great deal about rhetorical conventions and principles; however, in terms of practicality, I learned so much more. I learned how to work in a professional environment with members outside of the Transylvania community. Alongside my group mates, I worked to create finalized products which are ready to take their places in my digital portfolio. Most importantly, I learned to apply what I have been taught within each of my classes in a practical, real-world sense, and that alone, has been well worth the effort. No matter the class or professor, at Transylvania, students are continually encouraged to engage with the community around them using what they have learned in their classes. In this way, Transylvania students are leaps and bounds ahead of students on many other campuses who have been confined to the four walls of their classrooms.

The College Circle of Life

J.T Henderson

As my first year is quickly drawing to an end, it has been very exciting to see potential new students on campus interviewing for scholarships. I remember going through that process last year when I was a potential new student, and I am so glad that a year later I now have the opportunity to see this from the other side. I don’t think it would be as significant if I hadn’t chosen Transy. Yeah there are students visiting and interviewing at college campuses around the world, but at Transy I have had the opportunity to be a part of interviewing some of these potential students for scholarships, to hang out with them during their time on campus, and to even host an overnight for his scholarship interview the next day. It has been awesome to play a role in continuing the cycle that started my successful career here at Transy – the College Circle of Life.

On the flip side of this cycle, seeing these new faces is also a little sad, because that means that a fourth of the people that are currently here will not be returning to campus this fall. Within the last few months I’ve heard seniors talking about the outcomes of their graduate school applications and filling out applications for jobs for which their education has greatly prepared them. These people who have been impacting the Transylvania community for the past four years and who I have been role models for other students and myself will be moving on to life after Transy. This isn’t completely saddening though, because not only are there new students who will be arriving to campus this August to begin their educational journeys, but also because these graduating seniors will soon be using their talents and knowledge to start impacting the world if they hadn’t already been doing so before.

110529Transy3.aurora_standalone.prod_affiliate.79 - Copy

It is so reassuring to know that Transylvania is consistently producing high-achieving graduates whose education and undergraduate degree will actually be beneficial to them; in three years it will be beneficial to me as well. After the four years you spend at Transy, you know that there will always be a path to pioneer and that you’ll be the one who’s leading the way. The College Circle of Life will continue, so congrats to the Class of 2015 (especially our graduating bloggers Emily Martin and Rachel Morgan), and welcome to the Class of 2019!

Pioneering Your Future

J.T Henderson



Thinking about how you can get involved on campus as a student at Transylvania? Whatever your interests are, there are so many different opportunities!

We have 70+ student organizations including Greek life, intramural sports, and many other student organizations. There is something for everyone, but if you think there is something missing from the Transy community that students would like to be a part of, then you can start a new club or organization. Starting a new club may seem like a daunting task to take on, but it’s not too difficult with all of the support Transy has to offer.

As a freshman at Transy, I collaborated with a few of my friends, August Fox and Sarah Ashley, to found the Transy Habitat for Humanity Club. Our hope was to get students more involved in our Lexington community by working directly with Habitat for Humanity to help them accomplish their goals. We asked Dr. Kathleen Jagger, a Habitat for Humanity member of the board of Directors and Professor of Biology, to be our faculty sponsor, and after a little bit of paperwork, we were approved! Getting involved in an organization or forming your own can be a great way to improve your leadership skills too.

This year Transy started the Pioneer Leadership Certificate Program for students to learn about and make positive change through leadership during their time here. Dr. Shane McKee, Director of Student Involvement and Leadership, is leading the program to help students become better leaders as they progress through the various levels of certification. I’m a part of the pilot group and it has been a very rewarding experience to gain a deeper sense of my personal leadership skills and learn how I can more effectively apply those skills.

Last but not the least, when talking about pioneering your future, I simply have to include our up-and-coming program created by our new president, Dr. Seamus Carey; the 100 Doors to Success Program. This mentoring program hopes to provide current students with a network of mentors on and off campus to help students be successful after graduation, in whatever career they want to pursue. Although this program is still in its early stages of implementation, we can proudly say that we have a stronger than planned start to the program.

I have highlighted only a couple of reasons I think makes Transy a great choice for anyone, but there are so many other reasons why you should choose to be a Pioneer. One thing I can say for sure is that Transy will prepare you for your future and mold you into a future leader of our society.

4 Years of Insurmountable Experience

Rachel Morgan

Hello there!

For any new readers out there, I’m Rachel, and I’m a senior right now at Transylvania University. Wow, that was weird to type! The fact that I am a senior now and going through process of applying to graduate school is still so strange to me. It’s crazy, frightening and nerve-wracking, and I’m having to face a whole new chapter of education and challenges. I remember this feeling from high school, when I was applying to Transylvania. What a life changing choice that was!

I have been here at Transylvania for three and a half years, and it has been one of the best periods in my life. I have been able to explore so many topics, take classes in many different fields, tried new and exciting things, made friends to last a lifetime, and most importantly, learned a lot about the person I am and the person I aim to be. I am doing my very best to make my last two semesters here at Transy count.

I’ve written extensively about my jobs and what I want to do in the future, but my current, previous and future classes make up a huge part of my life right now. I’m a Psychology Major with a newly declared English Minor. While large portions of my schedule have been taken up by Psychology and English classes, I’ve had the gift of being able to take other classes and challenges along the way, thanks to Transylvania’s Liberal Arts Education. I found subjects that I can pass and can get through but are not necessarily my strengths; such as Chemistry and History,  and subjects I enjoyed that I normally would not have attempted, such as Theatre. I am more of a reserved person, but for one of my General Education requirements, I took a Theatre course called “Today is History” where my class of five students wrote our own play and produced, designed sets, and performed the play with other Theatre classes. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had, one I may never have had experienced without Transy’s influence.

Here at Transy, I’ve gotten so much life experience. I’m a member of the Phi Mu Fraternity and have served as a Web Advisor and Parliamentarian for my chapter; where I’ve joined a bond that is built on morals I hold dear, a bond that shall stay with me for all my life. I’m also an active member of Psi Chi, the Psychology honorary, and I have tremendously enjoyed the chance to join such a wonderful honorary. I’ve been promoted to Manager at the Alumni Phonathon, and I’m looking forward to my last few classes (I’m going to try something new with Ceramics as well as studying Abnormal Psychology and Anatomy II). In addition, I am working on all my graduate applications as well.

Transy has been a wonderful choice for me to fulfill my undergraduate studies, and I’m so excited for everyone applying here this year who will get to enjoy the same amazing experiences here on campus where I have lived in these past four years. My biggest hope right now is that I end up at a graduate school that is just as much my home as Transy is.

Making the Most of Your Summer

Justine Yentsch

If you’re an incoming student, it may sound to early to think about you are going to do in your first college summer, but it’s always good to think ahead. Just as there are many ways to bolster your academic experience (and resume!) during the school year, there are also unlimited options over the summer, either through the school or through other organizations. I’ve already calculated the exact number of days I have in summer (102 days to be exact), and I fully plan to make the most of them so I have have stories to tell once I get back to campus for fall semester.

First off, whatever you’re doing, you should definitely be enjoying your summer. It’s a great opportunity to relax, get back to a normal sleep schedule, and visit old friends. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with doing absolutely nothing if that’s what makes you happy and prepares you for the school year. But even if it’s just taking a roadtrip or crossing things off a summer bucket list, it’s always good to keep things interesting, otherwise the months might be pretty boring.

Some people head off to foreign countries, either with a study abroad program or with their family. You can immerse yourself in different cultures, be exposed to history, and maybe learn a little bit of another language. But you can also learn just as much by traveling to different places within your own country. Being in new surroundings can change your perspective of the world and can inspire you.

Creative Engagements

Justine Yentsch

As a first-year at Transylvania, it can sometimes be intimidating to get involved with events around campus. There is so much going on, it can be overwhelming at times. Thankfully, there is a system that helps expose you to many different types of performances, talks, events, and shows. When you get to Transylvania University for your first year, you will receive a long (very long) list of “Creative Engagements,” required and non-required events that will greatly enrich your understanding of local culture, your peers, and the world around you. In addition, you receive course credit for attending a certain amount!

Some example events:

  • Lexington Gallery Hop: Trashformed. “American artists intercept the waste stream of flotsam and jetsam of American  culture and transform them into works rich with meaning.”
  • Student Electronic Music Recital
  • Transylvania University Theater performance: “A Theatrical Adaptation of Lawrence Booth’s Book of Visions.” Continue reading