A Love Letter to Jazzman’s Regular Coffee Selection

Dear Jazzman’s Coffee,

How will I ever quit you? Your close proximity to my dorm room, perfect bonus point pricing, and availability at 8 am have served me well these past four years.

Without you, I could not have made it through finals week, mid-afternoon nap time, or a few late hours at the library trying to memorize dozens, but what seemed like hundreds of flashcards for a Nancy Wolsk art history class (she highly recommends flashcards. TAKE HER CLASS. She’s awesome!).

You have never let me down, Jazzman’s Coffee. Even when the weather turned cold and bitter, you managed to put a smile on my face with seasonal selections…one of them even had a dog on the advertisement…I love a good “Happy Holidays” dog.

I asked for you so often at Jazzman’s that Ms. Erica always knew I needed you in at least a grande, sometimes a supreme. Supreme days were usually stressful, but you helped get me through them. Continue reading


What 24 days until you graduate sounds like…

“Wait… only 24 days?!”

“I should probably iron my gown…”

“It went by so fast.”

“I don’t want to leeeeeeeeeeeeeave.”

“Which grad school should I chooooooose?”

“I have a job interview on Wednesday…” Continue reading

Oh hey there, roomie!

One of the really cool awesome totally wonderful things about college is that this is (for most people) going to be your first attempt at living on your own. I mean, not totally living on your own. You may not have to cook your own meals, but you will have to do your own laundry (make sure your red socks don’t wind up with all of your whites).

For some of you, this may be your first time living with a roommate, and if you come to Transy, you will most likely have a roommate your first year here. First-year women live in Forrer Hall (I rep’d fourth back my first year. You’ll learn what that means later.) and first-year men live in Clay Hall. Continue reading

You know you’re visiting during finals week if…

Having prospective students on campus is so much fun. You can’t hide your anxious, unsure, excited, exhausted, nervous faces from us! We were all in your shoes at one point, critiquing Transy on all of its pros and cons, walking around the campus trying to figure out how everybody knew each other. We see you walk in with your Admissions Ambassador, and we smile at you, because we know exactly what you’re going through, and we’re so glad we made the choice that we did to come here.

For those of you that may be visiting Transy at the end of a semester, know that all of us students might look half-exhausted and half-relieved, because we’re so close to that end of term feeling of finite work, at least for a week or so. It doesn’t mean we regret our life choices, or aren’t happy to see you. We’re just trying to kick our all ready strong academic juices into high gear. Here are some things you might see and hear in a visit at the end of a term, and this is what they mean:

  • Students with backpacks that weigh half as much as they do— This is a student that is about to hunker down in the library, or a 24-hour quiet zone during finals week, and stay there until everything they have due is complete, and I mean everything.
  • Students asleep in obscure places— This is a student that was either 1. previously hunkered down, underestimated how long they could stay awake, and ended up falling asleep in an obscure place, or 2. has just finished a final or a paper, and is rewarding themselves with an instant nap. Continue reading

A Surprising Book Recommendation

The Inner Game of Tennis

So, the semester is going to start to wind down pretty soon. Usually around this time, I find that I have a few extra minutes to read something that’s not required reading. (Yes, you will have a lot of reading to do. No, not all of it is exciting reading. Yes, your professor will notice if you haven’t done the reading. Yes, you will ultimately do better if you don’t put off the reading.)

My adviser for theatre recommended that I read a book called The Inner Game of Tennis by Timothy Gallwey. The book is essentially about how good tennis players are able to get in that certain “zone,” the zone where they are ready to play, they know how to play, and there is no self-doubt getting in the way of their game.

I’m going to be honest with you, I didn’t really understand why my adviser was having me read this book. I don’t play tennis. The only sport I like is basketball. I don’t intend on picking up a new sport any time soon.

Sooooo, what’s this all about?

Well, surprise future pioneers! I’m recommending this book TO YOU. Continue reading

I’m a Pioneer in a Big Blue Nation!

I’ve lived in Lexington for 16 years now.

UK fans celebrate following the team's win in the NCAA championship on Limestone St. in Lexington, Ky., Monday, April 2, 2012. Photo by Matt Goins ©2012 HERALD-LEADER

While that may mean I’m not “Kentucky born and bred,” it does mean that I have been in this town long enough to catch Wildcat Fever.

University of Kentucky Basketball is a big deal. It’s ALWAYS been a big deal, and it’s always been exciting when March rolls around. The further and further UK Basketball gets in March Madness, the more contagious Wildcat Fever becomes, and the more blue you see around Lexington. It’s a lot of fun. Couch burnings and inappropriate antics aside, there is a ridiculous amount of excitement and community built around this top-seed team. In March and March alone, you can get a high-five from a stranger walking down the street just because you’re wearing the right shade of blue.

Even if you’re not a huge sports fan, you can at least appreciate the inevitable feeling of an entire town holding their breath together in the last few seconds of a game.

In March, Lexington truly is a big blue nation. Continue reading