Hello, It’s Me

by: Sam Crankshaw

Hey guys! My name is Sam and I am a rising senior at Transy! As you may be able to tell from the title of this blog, I started the year off strong with Adele’s 25 on vinyl…on repeat. Like all Transy students, I am involved in a number of organizations on campus, some of which were predictable as a high schooler, and some of which took me by surprise.

Sam Intro Pic

Sam is second from the left, in the gray TransyBikes! shirt. 

First off, I have a machine in me. Pretty much the only thing that can make me stop moving for more than five minutes is a date with The Newsroom, my favorite HBO show. Aside from an avid HBO viewer, I am the manager of Transy Bikes!, one of our coolest student led programs if you ask me, I am a manager and caller for Phonathon, one of the Alumni Office’s outreach programs, I work in the Office of Sustainability, I work on art projects, spend time hiking, and more.

I told you all of those little tid bits about me before I told you my major because I wanted you to see just how diverse the activities in which Transy students engage themselves are. As an International Affairs and French double major, you don’t see me in the stereotypical clubs, such as debate, French Club, etc., and that is quite typical of Transy students.

Here’s a little about my past: I was born in Lexington, grew up in Winchester, KY, looked at colleges all over the country, and ended up right in the center of the city in which I was born. And I couldn’t be happier. I have two older brothers who taught me the ropes of getting away with mischief, and they ended up back in Lexington after graduating also. Something about the Bluegrass creates an energy that is inescapable, and seems to always pull people back after they leave. I guess what this paragraph boils down to is that “I Bleed Blue”…and a little crimson too.

If you want to see me outside of my blog, find me on Facebook under Samuel Crankshaw, or on Twitter @samuel_crank or Instagram @scranky. Be sure to check out Transy Bikes! on Facebook under Transy Bikes or on Twitter and Instagram @Transy_Bikes, or the website here.