Home for the Holidays

By: Catherine Clark

Clark.My first hello.Photo#1

Coming home for fall, Thanksgiving, winter, or spring break is always a great time to relax… and answer questions. This is especially true around the holidays when you see extended family from all over for the first time that year. Once you start college I guarantee this is what you’ll hear: “So where are you at again? Transylvania? Oh, how’s that going?” And honestly, it’s hard to say.

You’re just making small talk right? How do you sum up the incredible experience you’re in? If it’s just your first year, you might be a little homesick (but you’re not going to unload that on anyone over cheese and crackers) but most likely you are having the time of your life. How can you explain classes are hard but so rewarding? Or that you’ve met the best people on this planet and they’re now your closest friends? How can you describe that one night you visited 10 different Forrer rooms before settling in one until 3am with Mad Mush cheese sticks and friends?

mad mush

Mad Mushroom Cheese Sticks … a staple at Transy!

Truly, your great aunt does want to know how you’re doing. “Good” is an unsatisfying reply but that long list might be more than she bargained for. So then I start to think, how am I really doing? College can be exhausting but exciting. Especially as a rising junior, I wonder why it is I do still love Transy and how I’m still doing all right. Being away from school for three weeks and answering many questions such as these, I’ve decided I still love Transy for all the reasons I never expected to. Sure, I expected to make friends but not friends as great as the ones I have now. And yeah, I was definitely hoping to accomplish some things but never the great opportunities presented to me at Transy. And I obviously hoped to learn a thing or two, but never did I think I’d discover so much and be challenged in the way I have.

So great aunt Alice, I do love college and I’m doing great! Let me tell you a strategically selected, short anecdote about something that happened in class…