Roommates: Nothing to Stress About

By: Rachel Cox

One of the most nerve racking parts about coming to college and living on campus is figuring out who you are going to room with. Sharing a space and spending a significant amount of time with a person can be intimidating, especially if you have had your own room at home your whole life like I have. I just want to share some roommate scenarios to reassure you that everything always works out for the best.


First-year students live in Forrer Hall, connected to Transy’s cafeteria and the W.T. Young Campus Center (above). 

While I was being recruited for basketball, the coach recruiting me at the time suggested that I live with another incoming basketball commit. I did not know her at all but I contacted her and we decided to live together for our freshman year in Forrer Hall. We bunked our beds, got a futon and a T.V. and we were great roommates and friends even though we hadn’t known each other before coming to Transy. We ended up being teammates as well as sorority sisters and we got along extremely well and we spent an immense amount of time together.

As sophomore year rolled around, my former roommate decided to live off campus while I preferred to continue to live in the dorms for convenience reasons, so a mutual friend deemed that myself and my current roommate would be a good match. My current roommate plays softball and she is not affiliated meaning that she is not in a sorority. We currently live in Poole Residence Center and I couldn’t be more pleased with the way things turned out.

Don’t worry if you have a random roommate you haven’t met – you can get to know them on social media (join the #Transy2020 group on Facebook!).  All things considered, there is little reason to be nervous about adapting to the dorm life especially in terms of the roommate aspect.