Campus Spotlight: An Inside Look at Campus Counseling

Lesley Goodaker

It’s no secret, college is a huge transitory time in the lives of students. For some, the change is seemingly insurmountable. It can seem like the world is coming at you from all angles and you just can’t catch your breath. Between classes, co-curriculars, and getting settled into your new home, it can seem like you have no free time to just be. In this way, many students (from freshmen to seniors) find that they often neglect their mental health in favor of excelling in their studies; however, all too soon, many find that they soon neglect their studies too. While this sounds frightening, at Transylvania, there a myriad of systems in place to ensure the success of students both emotionally and academically, one of which is on-campus counseling services.

Typically, students seek counseling for a variety of reasons including long-standing problems that interfere with their day-to-day activities, preventing the onset of additional problems, and even as an opportunity for open dialogue. At Transylvania, students have access to one-on-one counseling which provides them with the opportunity to talk with a counselor about anything and everything in a judgment-free environment. Transy’s counseling center services are kept 100% confidential and are never a part of a student’s academic record. Sessions with the center are up to the students’ discretion and may occur weekly, bimonthly, or as otherwise arranged. Other services provided by the counseling center include couples’ counseling and referrals to other mental health services in the area–all at no cost to you!

Whether you’re a first-year or seasoned senior, counseling services can provide the help you need to tackle the personal, professional, and academic issues plaguing your mind. As with any other campus personnel, Transy’s counselors are just a phone call away and more than willing to help in any ways they can. So, next time you’re on campus, stop by our counseling center (located in the rear of the Campus Center) and say hello!