Campus Spotlight: The Writing Center

Hopefully, you’re getting excited for college — making new friends, moving away from home, and beginning to feel like a grown-up.

But what about the school part? College is definitely a step up from high school, no matter where you end up attending. Does the idea of more homework and harder assignments make you less excited?

Well, yeah, probably. College is going to be hard. But at Transylvania, there are plenty of free resources in place to help make it a little less intimidating.

My favorite of those academic resources is the Writing Center. But I’m biased because I’ve worked there for the last two years. But that also means I can give you the inside scoop about what it’s like!

You can come to the WC with any assignment for any class at any stage of the writing process — from your first informal essay in your First Year Seminar to the final draft of your last collegiate research project. You can bring in a prompt, without having written anything, and brainstorm topics with a consultant. You can create an outline, get help with perfecting citations, or proofread a final draft before turning in your paper.

The consultants in the Writing Center have all been nominated by professors for their writing skills. After being chosen by the WC director, Dr. Scott Whiddon (who’s also my awesome academic advisor), students take a semester-long practicum course that trains them to work in the WC. We read essays about writing center theory, talk about writing, and shadow sessions with current consultants. The point is, Writing Center Consultants know what they’re doing.

Basically, our job is to make your job as a writer much easier. Which is good, because Transylvania’s curriculum is pretty writing-intensive. The writing center, just like the rest of our tutoring services, is not remedial. Tutoring is open to any student of any grade, and it’s never seen as embarrassing to visit one of these services for help.

Because at Transylvania, we’re all in this together. I love that I can help students feel more confident in their writing, because I like writing and I’m good at it. The same is true for my friends Rachel and Ashley, who tutor for math and biology in the ACE — they like helping other students in subjects they excel in and enjoy. And we get paid to do it!

I love our tutoring services from both ends — I’ve made appointments with WC consultants for help on papers, I’ve gone to tutoring sessions for economics, and I love working in the WC. No matter how great of a writer, or biologist, or student, you are, you can always improve and there is always more to learn. Transylvania provides us with free opportunities to get the help we need to succeed.

College is hard. But at Transylvania, you won’t have to figure it out alone.