The College Circle of Life

J.T Henderson

As my first year is quickly drawing to an end, it has been very exciting to see potential new students on campus interviewing for scholarships. I remember going through that process last year when I was a potential new student, and I am so glad that a year later I now have the opportunity to see this from the other side. I don’t think it would be as significant if I hadn’t chosen Transy. Yeah there are students visiting and interviewing at college campuses around the world, but at Transy I have had the opportunity to be a part of interviewing some of these potential students for scholarships, to hang out with them during their time on campus, and to even host an overnight for his scholarship interview the next day. It has been awesome to play a role in continuing the cycle that started my successful career here at Transy – the College Circle of Life.

On the flip side of this cycle, seeing these new faces is also a little sad, because that means that a fourth of the people that are currently here will not be returning to campus this fall. Within the last few months I’ve heard seniors talking about the outcomes of their graduate school applications and filling out applications for jobs for which their education has greatly prepared them. These people who have been impacting the Transylvania community for the past four years and who I have been role models for other students and myself will be moving on to life after Transy. This isn’t completely saddening though, because not only are there new students who will be arriving to campus this August to begin their educational journeys, but also because these graduating seniors will soon be using their talents and knowledge to start impacting the world if they hadn’t already been doing so before.

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It is so reassuring to know that Transylvania is consistently producing high-achieving graduates whose education and undergraduate degree will actually be beneficial to them; in three years it will be beneficial to me as well. After the four years you spend at Transy, you know that there will always be a path to pioneer and that you’ll be the one who’s leading the way. The College Circle of Life will continue, so congrats to the Class of 2015 (especially our graduating bloggers Emily Martin and Rachel Morgan), and welcome to the Class of 2019!