Making Decisions Is Hard


It’s getting down to the wire — the last semester. You’re checking your virtual and physical mailboxes constantly, hoping for news of admission and scholarship decisions. Everyone keeps asking what you’re doing next year — and you’d love to give them a really specific, exciting answer, anything other than I don’t know yet

I know the above paragraph describes what plenty of you high school seniors are going through right now — but it also describes me a few months ago. I spent this year stressing about another search process for my next big academic adventure: graduate school.

And I was as ready to get it over with as you are.

Beginning the search process — for both college and graduate programs — is exciting. But after you’ve finished your applications, clicked all over every school’s website, contacted admissions staff, and made visits, sometimes there’s nothing left to do but wait. The excitement has been suspended by anxiousness as time starts feeling like it’s running out. You just want to know already, to start getting excited about your new home, to mentally design your new room, share your news on social media, and put a new school’s bumper sticker on your car.

I get it.

But the hardest thing about my second school search, at least at the beginning, was the leaving part. My standards were pretty high because I wanted to find somewhere that I loved as much as I love Transylvania. Maybe you feel that way about your high school (or maybe you’re ready to get out of there ASAP — that’s okay, too).

I have finally made a decision, but you know how it is — you want to keep every option open until you’re 1,000% sure. (Which is why I waited to make my deposit to Transylvania until a week or two before the May 1 deadline.) And of course, scholarship and financial aid offers were going to be critical to my decision, just as they were to my college choice.

But what made this second search easier was how much more prepared I feel. Of course, way back in 2011, I felt prepared for college, and I was. But nothing could match how much help Transy has been in helping me find my next home — from countless meetings with the Career Development Center, to advice from professors (even from some I’ve never had in class before!), and support and encouragement from all my friends, coworkers, and classmates.

Even though this next change will be scary, I know I’ll be fine. Because Transy has made sure of it. That’s why thinking about living and learning somewhere other than 300 North Broadway feels like leaving home all over again.

And you’ll be fine, too. When you find your college home — whether it’s this week or at the last minute, all that stress will be replaced with relief and excitement.

We can do this.

Here's me after my first-year orientation event! I can't believe I'm closer to the date of my graduation than I am to that orientation, but I couldn't be happier with how the past two years have gone.

Here’s a picture of me after I registered for my first college classes way back in 2011!