You Mean There’s More?

Lesley Goodaker

First things first, breathe. As I’m sure many of you have realized over the past few months, searching for a college to call home is not for the faint of heart however, all of those acceptance letters are certainly worth it. Even so, the work’s not over yet. Now, you get to turn the tables on the colleges you’ve applied to. You get to choose who gets your acceptance and who doesn’t—but you have a bit of time before you have to make a final decision. So, what happens if you choose to make Transylvania your home?

Well, after you have decided that Transy will be your home away from home in a few short months, you will have a few important things to do which include: sending in your deposit to reserve your spot on campus, accepting your scholarship and financial aid package, and filling out other important documents found on the Admitted Student page—one of which is a roommate selection form.

Ask about any student on campus, and one of their greatest fears coming into college was likely who they would room with. Luckily for Transy students, our Residence Life staff works tirelessly to match students accoding to the preferences they indicated in their roomate selection form.  The form asks about students’ preferences for bed time, cleaning the room, desired room temperature, and even if you sleep with the TV on or off. Ideally, this helps makes sure that someone who goes to bed at 9:00 PM and wakes up at 7:00 AM, will not get paired with someone who goes to bed at 3:00 AM and wakes up at noon. Another great thing about Transy’s roommate pairing process is that you will find out who your roommate is before arriving on campus. This means you are able to coordinate on things such as who will bring the mini-fridge and who will bring the microwave. In the even that you have a specific person in mind to room with, there is an alternative to “random” roommate selection.

If you aren’t comfortable with being paired with someone you don’t know, there is always the option of requesting a specific roommate; however, you both have to list each other on your roommate forms. If you don’t already know someone who you would like to room with or simply want to get to know more members of your class, check out the Class of 2019 Facebook group. Who knows, you just might meet your future roommate!