Learning from The Best

J.T Henderson

I’m sure everyone has had a high school teacher tell them how much more difficult college professors would be than they were used to in high school. I know I had a teacher that was adamant about being stern toward us during our senior year because she wanted to simulate how professors are in college. Although there are college professors who fit this stereotype, the professors at Transy have a reputation of being extremely helpful and personal, so I want to share some examples of how a handful of the professors I have interacted with have broken down this stereotype.

Most recently, one of my Spanish professors was shopping for groceries and found some “English-Spanish educational cookies,” which she thought would be a nice gift to bring us for our Friday class. The cookies said things like “coffee” on one side and “el café” on the other with a picture of a coffee cup. The gesture was very kind and light-hearted. However, the cookies were completely tasteless and the professor felt bad about giving them to us, so the next time class met, she brought us chocolate covered espresso beans to make up for the bland cookies. She had no reason to bring us these snacks other than her immense kindness.

Educational Cookies

Educational cookies from professors! 

Transy professors also care about each of their students. Often professors will ask how you’re doing and take the time to connect what the students’ plans or involvement to what they’re discussing in class. They also really encourage students to come speak to them outside of class during their office hours, because they want to get to know you and they want to help you do what you want to do by whatever means possible; it doesn’t matter if it’s career related or campus related. In turn, the professors also want to make sure that students get to know their personal lives as well. One day after class was over, one of my professors began telling us how she adopted a kitten and how it’s the first pet she has had in a long time. She told us everything about her kitten and even how it got sick recently. By telling students about themselves, Transy professors eliminate the intimidation factor that students – especially first-year students – may feel.

Transy professors are focused on their students and love working with them everyday. Whether it’s being willing to participate in a pie-throwing event where they’re having pies thrown at them, or emailing you when you miss class or are sick to check up on you, the professors truly care about your success. They’re very willing to write recommendation letters and almost all of our professors have opportunities like research that they will ask students to help them with.

All professors will treat you like an adult and expect you to meet their expectations, but Transy professors will also treat you like a person and not just a number, which is just another reason why I chose to dedicate four years, prepare for my future, and make unforgettable memories here at Transy.