Shake Off the End of Semester Blues

Rachel Morgan

Getting back into school after spring break is hard. Believe me, we get it – many of my friends are hitting that lull, like right after lunch; we just want to sleep and call it a day, or in this case, a semester. Most people do, but this is not the time of the year to take a break! Whether you’re in high school or college, finals are coming, and we are not over the final hurdle yet. But how do you finish out the school strong when all you want to do is curl up and watch Netflix for hours on end? Here are some tips to help you get over the end-of-break blues.

1. Treat yourself with breaks

Don’t be afraid to take that 30 minute break, or go get some food, or watch the newest Bates Motel. Taking a breather during studying will not only let you relax, it will give your focus a chance to reformat and catch up. This will help you retain more information as you study. My guilty pleasure is Tumblr for 15 minutes or a 10-15 minute video by one of my favorite YouTube artists. Just be sure to time yourself so you don’t find yourself still surfing the net an hour later!

2. Find your study space

For me, I study best surrounded by people yet not interacting. Being alone tempts me to space out and start doodling or goof off; when I’m in public, it helps me keep my thoughts on what I need to study. I normally sit out in the lobby of my building, reading with my headphones in. Instrumental music is also key to studying or writing papers for me; I can’t become distracted by singing along. How do you study best? Is it your room while sprawled out on your bed? Is it on the living room couch? How about perched on your kitchen floor, all your material spread out around you? What works best for you is the best way to study, and while it may take some trial and error to find your preferred study space, it will be amazingly helpful in retaining focus.

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3. Do not procrastinate!

Procrastination is the enemy of every student, even more so now that the weather has finally taken a turn for the better (knock on wood!). It causes people to forget their cares until suddenly that 10 page paper is due tomorrow and you have maybe an intro paragraph. While some people work better under stress, this sort of stress does not help your focus. Pace your work out and focus on getting it done in a timely matter. This will also allow you more relaxation time – without the threat of an assignment hanging over your head.

4. Motivate yourself!

You’re almost there! Just a little more! Finish strong! You are your own best cheerleader, and in the end, it’s you that has to make the effort to finish out strong. Don’t be afraid to cheer yourself on. The year is coming to an end, and it’s time to make your mark.