Lesley Goodaker

Social media users beware. In the coming weeks, your news feeds will no doubt be overflowing with #TBTs and #FBFs from #SB2K15 (for those who are less than tech-savy, that’s “throwback Thursdays” and “flashback Fridays” from “Spring Break 2015”). From statuses to photos, these posts will showcase the fun times had by many students during their brief interlude from classes and work. So, what exactly will you see?

  • Traveling. Like countless others, many Transy students opt to travel during their break as they are heading South to soak up some sun, exploring the Big Apple, or getting to know local treasures. Similarly,  I spent a large part of my break exploring neighboring cities back home in Western Kentucky; however, my favorite part of break featured a day trip with my dad to Union, Tennessee. Here, we visited the Discovery Park of America which, in addition to it’s regular exhibits, was currently hosting Titanic: the Artifact Exhibition. The park currently holds bragging rights to having the largest arrowhead collection under one roof as well as many other unique features including a theater simulation of a 19th-century earthquake, a 20,000-gallon aquarium, and a 60-foot replica of the human body!

Spring Break 1

This scaled version of Megalodon’s teeth was just one of the cool exhibits housed at the park.

  • Volunteering. Believe it or not, countless students to spend their break in service to others. Transy makes this especially easy by facilitating alternative Spring Break (ASB) opportunities. Since its inception in 1993, ASB has provided students with the opportunity to participate in outreach and service programs outside of  the greater-Lexington are. Past ASB projects have included providing disaster relief in the Midwest; building low-income housing in areas of Tennessee; and working with migrant farm workers in the state of Florida. Whether you chose to take it upon yourself to locate organizations/individuals in need or hop on board with ASB, service is certainly a productive way to spend your break!

Spring Break 2

Here, a group of Transy students got to take a break from their service during ASB to explore our Nation’s capital.

  • Relaxing. It’s no secret that Transy students are always on the move. While the aforementioned options are undoubtedly appealing, sometimes it’s nice to just relax. When Spring Break rolls around, don’t be afraid to pack your bags and head home for a week of relaxation filled with Netflix marathons, home-cooked meals, and plenty of cuddles from your favorite pet.

Next year when Spring Break rolls around, where will we find you?