Sifting Through Your College Mail

I went home to have dinner with my family for my birthday one Friday night and after dinner I was going to meet some friends and celebrate with them. I had a little bit of downtime between dinner and seeing my friends, so I decided to do what most people to do in their free time: clean my room. What better way could I spend my birthday? Not the most enjoyable but definitely needed.

As I started cleaning my room I made my bed, picked up some dirty clothes, straightened up my desk, and it was when I got to my desk that I found all of the college mail – the acceptance letters, the scholarship offers, the financial aid packages – that I had kept from my senior year of high school (the majority of it from Transy). I even came across my other three college acceptance letters. It was very rewarding to remember the feelings of satisfaction that I had when I opened those letters, but it was also really interesting to think about how different my life would have been if I had enrolled at one of those universities instead of Transy. Thinking about this made me really appreciate the time I’ve had at Transy and the decision I made to attend – a decision that I realize has been one of my best. While my life would have probably been good at the other universities, my life at Transy has already been so great. So I decided that there wasn’t any need in keeping most of the things from the other schools, including those acceptance letters.

One of the things I didn’t throw away, however, was my acceptance letter to Transy, because that opportunity has greatly affected my life and will greatly impact my future.

When I finally finished cleaning my room, I was very happy, not because of my clean room or the fact that it was my birthday, but because I remembered the difficulty, the pressure, the anxiety, and the indecisiveness that can occur in the college selection process and that I had been able to navigate the process and arrive at my correct decision. So if your selection process is coming to an end, or even just beginning, remember to look over the mail that you have gotten and evaluate the how that mail might reflect a college’s commitment to your undergraduate education and experience (also don’t forget to take a deep breath!). I trust that you’ll eventually come to a decision that’s right for you, and hopefully that decision will lead you to Transy like it did me, but if you need any assistance from Transy, please feel free to contact the Admissions Office. Good luck!