Today is (Making) History – Do What You Love

Rachel Morgan



“Cause this? Is just a crack in the glass ceiling.”

What a line, and one I was happy to deliver as the spotlight faded from me. We had done something special with this play – it was entirely student-written, produced, directed, and acted, something that I hadn’t ever heard of. I was in the class that both wrote the monologues and acted them out; I performed one of my own monologues and one that my friend and classmate wrote. We decided our costumes, designed sets and painted floors, set lights and sounds and practiced the exact cues to change them or trigger a sound. We collected props and often used our own items – I personally broke two of my old cell phones in the process of one monologue that involved throwing a phone at a wall – and we practiced for hours and hours on our own, and put this entire play together in a semester.

And now we’re published! Today is History is now being sold on Amazon, which is amazing in and of itself. I can honestly say I’ve been published!

See, this is something I’ve always loved about Transy – it encourages its students to be creative in the arts, to produce wonderful things that haven’t been seen before. Students compose music write programs, weave stories and even write plays in beautiful expressions of creativity and passion. I’ve seen student’s art exhibits, had music I wrote and recorded played for an audience in student concerts. My friend is a music technology major and I’ve been to many concerts where her work is shared with the entire school. Cabaret, what I wrote about previously, is a huge conglomeration of many talents from all around campus. There are art displays, music shows, talent competitions, speech and debate competitions, athletic teams, and many other ways for students to pursue their passions.

Transy is always encouraging us to find what we love to do and DO IT – something you don’t always see in universities and schools. I can’t believe how lucky I’ve been to attend this school and get to explore different experiences. I never would have thought I could write monologues, and yet I’m published. Transy is teaching me about myself just as much books or my major are, and that’s an experience I wouldn’t change for the world.