Living in a Dorm: Your Home Away from Home


Lesley Goodaker



Adapting to life in the dorms is  a roller coaster of a ride for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned summer camp veteran or someone who has never been away from home for more than a night, dorm life will inevitably throw you for a loop.

So, what are the best and worst things about living in the dorms at Transy?


  • Community. Transy’s size makes it incredibly easy to get to know your hall mates. For those who choose to take advantage of this, impromptu game and movie nights become weekly routines.
  • Cost. While living in the dorms can seem pricey upfront, in the long run it’s often more cost-effective. Living in the dorms means no bills for utilities or unexpected repairs. Also, residents at Transy get access to free WiFi and cable TV.
  • Convenience. Living in the dorms means that you don’t have to spend time searching through empty cabinets because you haven’t had time to go grocery shopping. At Transy, students can choose from four on-campus dining options throughout the week. For many, time in the “caf” (aka the cafeteria) is the highlight of their day as they unwind and catch up with their friends over a freshly prepared meal.


  • Privacy. Dorm life means a significant decrease in privacy. When the fall semester rolls around, chances are you will be sharing your limited living quarters with a virtual stranger. But fear not, Transy offers excellent rooming accommodations—including a personalized roommate survey—which help make your transition smoother.
  • Community Showers. While a vast majority of the horror stories we’ve all heard are mostly myth, community showers are not typically anyone’s favorite part of dorm life. Luckily for Transy students, majority of the residential halls offer suite style or private bathrooms. Thankfully, for those of us who happen to live in a hall with community showers, there are plenty of wonderful staff members who ensure the facilities are maintained and clean.
  • Noise. Community living means that there may be more noise than you’re used to at home. From hair dryers and TVs to the neighbors two doors down listening to the latest screamo version of TSwift’s “Shake it Off,” there are a lot of distractions in the dorms. Because Transy understands the need for quiet,  courtesy hours are set during which time residents must keep noise at a minimum.

Through the good and the bad, dorm life is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that I think everyone should take advantage of. Want to know more about residence life at Transy? Seniors even have the option of scheduling an overnight visit, which I highly recommend that you take advantage of. We have admissions ambassadors who are also overnight hosts and have an extra bed in their dorm room just for you! Schedule your visit today to get an up-close look at a dorm room on campus and see first-hand how great life at Transy is!