The Magic of Music: Cabaret

Rachel Morgan

The chills had come.

Oh the chills had come once again.

And the music was here.

Cabaret was here again, and as the lights fade to black, I waited in the audience with baited breath. This year, I again found myself in the audience instead of flitting about on and back stage. My busy class schedule prevented me from taking choir, and so I was not going to miss out on the opportunity to watch from out in the audience as the music flared and the singers danced, patterned and gave their all.

Not that it was any less powerful in the audience. If anything, it was just more powerful, and I got to experience everything from a different viewpoint. I got to see everything the groups do and not have to fly around changing costumes and spend time stressed out over solos and dances.

I have a saying: “Everything is a song cue”. My introductory blog actually wrote on this, and I’ve referenced music multiple times (and probably will continue to, sorry-not-sorry). Well, the other side of this is that music is deeply connected to me. And Cabaret has never failed to disappoint in teasing that joy out of me despite any stress I may be in from school or otherwise.

Every year, the cabaret showcases the many talents of Transylvania’s musical program. The three separate choirs converge, putting on group acts and separate acts to a theme; solo and group talent from around the school comes in as well, putting together a program of music that stretches over all genres and styles. Acapella, country, rock, pop, it’s all demonstrated and shared with the Transy community. There’s always an amazing theme – my freshman year was Outer Space, sophomore Disney. Junior year was “The British Are Coming” and this year, the theme was Time. You’d never believe how many varied, wonderful songs the choirs, individuals and groups can find on a theme. There has never been a lack of variation and skill or style.

This year was moving. The audience was rapt; the songs were powerful and amazing. Cabaret is something I would recommend over and over to any student coming to Transy, or even anyone who gets the chance to come. It’s so powerful, what the human voice can do, and how Transy has worked to bring it out of those passionate about music and share it with the world. This is one of the many ways Transy cultivates the talents and passions of students, presents them to the world, and it is amazing.

Something special to me this year was the song “Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In” sung by the TU Choir. They sang this in my freshman year, my first participation in Cabaret myself. I can remember listening to the main choir singing this over and over, amazed at how beautiful and upbeat they made it, how much fun they had with it. Hearing this song again as a senior, seeing the joy and the passion of the singers onstage as they danced and sang, was just amazing, and I was nearly moved to tears as shivers wracked me.  Cabaret is amazing, always is and always will be. Cabaret is magical.