Interviewing at Transy – Not as Scary as You Think

Rachel Morgan

As the interview season comes upon us, I think most people applying to schools are starting to get nervous. We know we have so many questions to answer, so many places to go and impress, and so many dreams to fulfill – it can be quite overwhelming! I did this four years ago, and now I’m doing it all over again with graduate programs. Despite the fact I’ve done this multiple times before….it’s still terrifying, to be honest! It’s an intimidating time for anyone facing it.

Let me tell you though, it’s going to be okay. Your interview weekend, if you’re coming to Transylvania for one, is going to be one of the best experiences of your high school career. Take it from me, it’s nowhere near as bad as you think it’s going to be. I can tell you of a few things for sure – because I was so scared going in four years ago, it’s stuck hard with me.

1. You will never be left alone.

This is a good thing. You are not going to be lost or abandoned by your host or hostess. When they have to be in class, their friends or other members of the interview team will come and keep you company. I remember multiple students keeping us interviewees entertained; we played Apples to Apples, cards and Twenty Questions, among other games, in groups of anywhere from five to fifteen high school kids and college students. It was a blast, and they always made sure we were comfortable.

2. You will not be forced to do anything you don’t want to do.

The hosts are amazingly kind. They know you’re nervous and scared and excited and a bundle of feelings that may put a damper on you. They won’t force you to go somewhere if you don’t want to go. I was nervous to sit with students during meals – all the college kids intimidated me into silence, to be honest. My hostess was amazingly kind, and made sure we sat with plenty of other interviewees. She and the other staff spent so much time being sure we were comfortable; they care about you and want to make this as easy for you as possible.

3. The interviewers are kind and patient.

All of the interviewers at Transy are directly involved with the college. There are professors, board members, and even a student in every interview. They understand that you’re nervous, and they’re not there to make you feel bad. They want you to do well and will let you answer however you like. I actually flat out asked my interviewers to give me a minute to think about one question, and they complied. Don’t be afraid to say if you need a moment to think, or a question repeated.

If you’re coming here to interview, I hope to meet you while you’re here! And take a deep breath – you’re going to be amazing. We at Transy are so excited to meet you!