Applying For a Fine Arts Scholarship

J.T Henderson

Out of the many opportunities Transy has to offer, one of the things that I was most interested in when I applied to Transy was being able to continue my involvement with instrumental music. The Fine Arts Program at Transy has many opportunities for students to engage and participate in; even if you’ve never been involved before. For students who haven’t been involved with Fine Arts prior to Transy, there are introductory level fine arts classes and private music lessons. The music lessons can be for a voice or a variety of instruments including banjo and even bagpipes.

For those who have had experience with the fine arts, there are Fine Arts Scholarships that Transy offers for potential new students. I have been involved with music since the fifth grade, so maintaining and improving my skills as a percussionist is very important to me. I was in marching band, I marched snare and was a drum major my senior year, I have played in multiple honor bands, and even learned how to play bassoon (as you can tell, I completely embrace the fact that I was – correction – that I am a “band geek”). Music has been a huge part of my life. I knew that there were only a few universities I was applying to where I could remain involved in instrumental music without it consuming my life. Transy had the added advantage that a major or minor in Music is not required to qualify for a Fine Arts Scholarship,  so that put Transy at the top of the list and I applied for an audition.

After preparing for a few months, I came to Transy for my audition and performed three pieces on timpani, marimba, and snare for two of the great music department faculty. I was slightly nervous before my audition, but I knew I had prepared well. The faculty members were very welcoming, they gave me plenty of time to warm up, and they asked me a few questions after listening to all of my pieces. About two months later I found out that I received a Fine Arts Scholarship, which would allow me to continue instrumental music and help finance my tuition.

There are certain requirements for Fine Arts Scholarships and those details can be found here. Part of my scholarship requires that I take four semesters of percussion lessons. The lessons are all about the things you are interested in and how the faculty can help you improve your skills. This semester I wanted to learn how to play drumset, because it’s one of the few instruments that I’ve not had an opportunity to play before and it’s one way my instructor and I thought I could improve my skills. I’m looking forward to the next few years of my music career, experiencing the awesome opportunities Transy has offered me.

Transy offers Fine Arts Scholarships in a variety of areas including Studio Art, Art History, Theater, Vocal/Instrumental Music, Music Technology, and Music Composition, so there is something for everybody! If you’re interested in applying for a Fine Arts Scholarship, the deadline to apply is February 1st, 2015, so click here!


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