RA Myths 101

Lesley Goodaker

Coming into college, I had no intentions of becoming a Resident Advisor; however, that quickly changed. Being a Resident Advisor, or RA, has been a truly unique and rewarding leadership opportunity. At Transy, RAs are far from the stereotypical “hall- monitors” that you see on TV. In fact, it was only after becoming an RA that many of the myths about RAs that I believed to be true were dispelled.

Myth #1: RAs are out to get you in trouble. While RAs are tasked with monitoring the residential areas of campus, they aren’t assigned to hang out by your door, tuck you into bed or breathe down your neck. RAs want to keep the residence halls safe and fun, but the last thing they want to be is a paid babysitter.

Myth #2: The RA job is too demanding. It’s no secret that Transy is a very demanding school; however, the RA position isn’t “just” another thing added to your plate. Being an RA allows you to learn invaluable time management skills that will help you balance your school work and other activities. Additionally, being an RA provides you with a unique support system of fellow RAs who are experiencing the same work and school stresses as you.

Myth #3: RAs don’t have time to be involved in other things on campus.  So wrong! In fact, at Transy, RAs are among some of the most involved people on campus. From Greek life and athletics to the Student Activities Board and Student Government, Transy RAs maintain an active role on campus.

Myth #4: You have to be really outgoing.  On Transy’s campus, every hall, floor, and building has a different a personality, and our RAs are no different. In my experience, the Office of Residence Life seeks to hire compassionate and driven students who are ready to positively contribute to Transy’s unique and inviting residential environment.

Myth #5: RAs always have to be on campus. RAs aren’t on duty all of the time. Each RA is assigned a number of days which they are responsible for being available to residents; however, there is still plenty of time for other activities–on campus and off. Of the twenty-three current RAs at Transy, many of them have internships and even other jobs that are off campus. While being an RA does require a lot of time and dedication, the Office of Residence Life encourages the RA staff to participate in a myriad of other activities.

Overall, my time as an RA at Transy has been an incredibly positive experience; so much so, that I will be putting my name in as a candidate for re-hire during the upcoming school year. If you’re interested in reading more about Trany’s unique residential experience, be sure to check out our Residence Life page.