How I Spent Most of My Winter Break

Rachel Morgan

“Hey Rachel, are you ready for today? We’ll be up on the ortho floor.”

Dressed as if I were going to church is normally not a part of how I spend my days over break. I am a comfy girl – a classy pair of jeans and cute top are my preferred method of dress. However, most of this past winter break, it’s been my pleasure to dress up and head off to my volunteer opportunities in Lexington. I spent a significant part of my break volunteering with Central Baptist Hospital, shadowing occupational therapists.

I have always wanted to be an occupational therapist, and have been working towards it since I came to Transylvania University. The Lexington community has been able to offer me tons of opportunities when it comes to observing occupational therapists. This is really important to me because not only am I passionate about my chosen career, but observational hours are needed in order to apply to graduate programs (which I am currently doing, a terrifying process in and off itself). I reached out to Transylvania to help me with that the beginning of my senior year, and they happily pointed me in the direction of hospitals all over Lexington and helped me make the right connections.

There are volunteer and observational opportunities all around Lexington if you know where to look. I’ve volunteered with my sorority at God’s Pantry Food Bank and helped my church in soup kitchens or Goodwill, to name a few. Volunteers and observation students are welcome at multiple hospitals and other businesses. I’ve also had friends take internships in many different businesses and offices. I myself spend a lot of time in hospitals, studying how occupational therapists interact with their patients. Between Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital, where I shadowed the same therapist for two months, and Central Baptist Hospital, where I studied under a team of wonderful therapists for a month, I have been exposed to multiple situations that have helped me see every side of my chosen career. Thankfully, I have only grown more passionate for my chosen career.

There are opportunities for everyone in and around Lexington, regardless of what you’re interested in. Just take a look around, and you’ll find something you’re passionate about that may open up a whole new world of opportunities for you.