But First, Let’s Take a Selfie

Sam Crankshaw

We’ve all taken a selfie or two (or two thousand), but sometimes you get one with the perfect lighting, the perfect angle, and the perfect face. That’s what happened to me; though the angle, face and lighting weren’t perfect because of me.

During the fall election cycle of 2014 I got the selfie of the century (at least that’s how I see it). There were rallies all over the state for this candidate and that candidate. There were volunteers working for all sides, excited constituents ready to cheer on their person, and hours of television dedicated to persuading you.

I was fortunate enough to start interning in May for my second congressional campaign (third campaign overall). By August I was hired as the Deputy Field Director. I got to see towns and people all over the district that I otherwise would never have encountered. There were days we got stuck in the office into the dark hours of the night and days that we were brought in before sunrise, but being on staff for that campaign was one of the most valuable experiences I’ve ever had.

Lucky for me, our office was only a 12 minute walk from the center of campus; though I’m not the only lucky one. Many of my friends hold jobs or internships at law firms, banks, insurance companies, campaign offices, restaurants, and more at locations just a stone’s throw from campus.

Not only that, many of my classes from Transy and previous campaign positions had prepped me for this job. When people see that you go to Transy, they immediately want you on their team. They know you have been taught about how to predict the actions of other from your international affairs class; you have been taught how to lead and manage in your business class; you can teach others from you education course; and most of all, you can think beyond your major and have a world view because of Transy’s diverse liberal arts education. Transy’s unique position in the center of a growing metro area and its excellent education afford its students opportunities unheard of elsewhere.

Back to the selfie. Before election day Transy hosted many candidates, and mine was one of them. She spoke on stage with the State Auditor, Governor, former governors, a US Senate candidate, and several others. One of those others was former First Lady, former New York Senator, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton!

photo 1

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton at Transy, in the Mitchell Fine Arts Center’s Haggin Auditorium

Our staff got to sit front row and we were first in line at the greet line. That’s where the magic happened. Somehow I held myself together, telling her how great it was to meet her. Then our campaign manager and I popped the question: “Selfie?”

photo 2

The selfie of the century!

When you come to Transy you will find that it prepares you for so much more than you could ever imagine and that it locates you in the center of an economic, cultural, and political center. Our geographic area is a few dense, historical, vibrant blocks, but our reach goes far beyond that area, beyond downtown, and beyond the region.