4 Years of Insurmountable Experience

Rachel Morgan

Hello there!

For any new readers out there, I’m Rachel, and I’m a senior right now at Transylvania University. Wow, that was weird to type! The fact that I am a senior now and going through process of applying to graduate school is still so strange to me. It’s crazy, frightening and nerve-wracking, and I’m having to face a whole new chapter of education and challenges. I remember this feeling from high school, when I was applying to Transylvania. What a life changing choice that was!

I have been here at Transylvania for three and a half years, and it has been one of the best periods in my life. I have been able to explore so many topics, take classes in many different fields, tried new and exciting things, made friends to last a lifetime, and most importantly, learned a lot about the person I am and the person I aim to be. I am doing my very best to make my last two semesters here at Transy count.

I’ve written extensively about my jobs and what I want to do in the future, but my current, previous and future classes make up a huge part of my life right now. I’m a Psychology Major with a newly declared English Minor. While large portions of my schedule have been taken up by Psychology and English classes, I’ve had the gift of being able to take other classes and challenges along the way, thanks to Transylvania’s Liberal Arts Education. I found subjects that I can pass and can get through but are not necessarily my strengths; such as Chemistry and History,  and subjects I enjoyed that I normally would not have attempted, such as Theatre. I am more of a reserved person, but for one of my General Education requirements, I took a Theatre course called “Today is History” where my class of five students wrote our own play and produced, designed sets, and performed the play with other Theatre classes. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had, one I may never have had experienced without Transy’s influence.

Here at Transy, I’ve gotten so much life experience. I’m a member of the Phi Mu Fraternity and have served as a Web Advisor and Parliamentarian for my chapter; where I’ve joined a bond that is built on morals I hold dear, a bond that shall stay with me for all my life. I’m also an active member of Psi Chi, the Psychology honorary, and I have tremendously enjoyed the chance to join such a wonderful honorary. I’ve been promoted to Manager at the Alumni Phonathon, and I’m looking forward to my last few classes (I’m going to try something new with Ceramics as well as studying Abnormal Psychology and Anatomy II). In addition, I am working on all my graduate applications as well.

Transy has been a wonderful choice for me to fulfill my undergraduate studies, and I’m so excited for everyone applying here this year who will get to enjoy the same amazing experiences here on campus where I have lived in these past four years. My biggest hope right now is that I end up at a graduate school that is just as much my home as Transy is.