My #PiosPack

Lesley Goodaker

By now, you may have seen the new “#StarterPack” trend sweeping across twitter and instagram. At it’s base, the “starter pack” concept involves combining 4 pictures together that represent the essential items you’d need to embody someone else. While some internet trolls have taken the trend to an extreme, it got me thinking. What makes me, me?


While a lot of things came to mind, I kept returning to the same 4 things that define me:

  • Transy. Coming to Transylvania  has had an irrevocable impact on my life. I have been introduced to countless personal, professional, and academic opportunities that I would not otherwise have been afforded. How could my time here not define me?
  • Home. While Lexington has quickly become like a second home, there are things I sure miss about Western Kentucky (especially my dog, Maggie). Luckily, no matter how far away home may be, Transy has a lot of great resources to help you settle in. With the help of your peers, RAs, and great campus faculty and staff, you too will soon be referring to Transy as “home.”
  • Friends. College is a scary time. For many of us, going to college means uprooting our lives and moving far away from all that we know, but the thing is, you’re not alone. At Transy, there are over 200 other people going through the exact same thing that you are.
  • Greek Life. Prior to coming to Transy, I had never imagined myself in a sorority; however, my experiences within the Greek community over the past year have proved invaluable. Through my sorority, I have garnered a reliable support system that has helped me grow as a person. These women push me to strive for excellence and be my best in all endeavors. Without them by my side, I certainly would not be who I am today.

While these are only a few of the countless things that define who I am, they are why this stage of my life has been as successful as it has.  In a way, these 4 things make up my “Pios Pack” or who I am as a student, and I could not be more proud of each facet of my life. So, the question remains, what’s in your #PiosPack?