The Beginning of the End


I’m so excited that our blog is getting started for this year because I already have so many more stories to share! The last three years at Transylvania have been unbelievably special, but a few months in and I can already tell that my last year here is going to be the best yet.

Speaking of which, I would like to take this opportunity to warn everyone that my posts this year are going to get real sentimental. Yes, I’m looking forward to whatever my grown-up life will hold. I’m in the same search process as all you high school seniors — only for graduate programs and full-time jobs. (I want to do public relations work for a nonprofit organization.) So I know how scary it is and I’m sure you’re just as ready to get it over with and know what you’re doing next as I am.

But I’m not done with Transylvania yet. There are so many more things I want to do. I have so enjoyed the opportunities I’ve had to contribute to our university’s future, both as the Student Programming Coordinator for August Term and the Senior Lead Ambassador for the Office of Admissions. I have had great experiences in the Lexington community, too, like the internship I had this summer with God’s Pantry Food Bank. And I also just love hanging out with all of the great friends I’ve made here.

So my goal with my posts this year is to introduce you to all of those things that I will miss most about Transylvania — the amazing opportunities our students have, the exciting possibilities living in Lexington provides, and most importantly, the people that make this university so much more than a school.

Because what I love most about Transy — and I’ve blogged about it before —  is the community. The people here make Transylvania special. Over the last four years, they’ve made me feel welcomed, accepted, and loved. They’ve challenged me to work harder and dream bigger. We take care of each other here and I’m going to miss being in such a motivated, safe, loving college community.

So yeah, this blog might get a little cheesy this year. You might read some of our posts and think the enthusiasm is fake, or that posts are only so positive because we’re getting paid to write them (though how cool is it that we do?!). I know that I and all the other bloggers are extremely passionate about Transylvania and are excited to share our experiences.

But please don’t take our word for it. Come see for yourself. Take a tour. Sit in on a class. Do an overnight visit. Meet the professors and friends we can’t stop talking about. Because there’s something so special here that just can’t be put into words. You’re not going to choose a college based on a website, so don’t let my posts convince you to attend Transy. Come let us prove it in person.