The Early Pioneer Call

Sam Crankshaw

If you’re moving into your senior year of high school, you’ve likely already toured a campus, or at least started thinking about where you’d like to go to college and what you might like to study. Take a word of advice from me: it’s never too early to start on your applications and begin the process.

I started looking way before my junior year and started to get serious with a couple places in the spring of my junior year. Many places, including Transylvania, have early decision and priority deadlines. At Transylvania, if you apply by December 1 your senior year of high school, you will be considered for premier scholarships that can cover a great deal of your tuition and you will receive notice of your acceptance and scholarships before everyone else.

Transylvania is a member of the Common Application and has no application fee. There is no annual application release that you have to wait for form Transy, and there’s not $75 fee attached to your application.

Go ahead and get started on your application. Nothing feels better than hitting the submit button at the bottom of your application. If you start sooner, your essays can be more developed, you can relax a little more, you can meet that deadline, and you can be a Transy Pioneer!

I started on my applications in September of my senior year, and I still got right down to the deadlines of the places I applied. There are essays, documents with information that can’t fit on the application, and revision, revision, revision. The sooner you start, the more you can enjoy your senior year and the sooner you can make your decision.

Making the Priority Deadline at Transylvania is so important. There are no extra essays, no charges, and there’s no fine print; however, there are thousands of dollars at stake. While Transylvania’s cost is below the average for comparable liberal arts colleges, scholarships certainly aren’t going to hurt you.

I started early, got to know my admissions counselor, and consequently I didn’t have to wait until April to find out about my acceptance and scholarships. Even if you aren’t sure about going Facebook official with Transy, go ahead and get started on the application. After a walk through campus, a nice scholarship offer, and a tour of Lexington, you’ll hear the pioneers calling your name.