Wayfaring Senior – Searching for Your Path

Rachel Morgan

This is my final post as a junior.

Hoo, boy, that was scary to type. I think I technically became a senior credits-wise a semester ago, but I’m on track to graduate May 2015, and now suddenly I’m a senior. It’s scary and new and suddenly I don’t know what to expect. I am no longer a child. I’m 21, I’m a senior in college and suddenly I can see a huge future stretching ahead of me. There’s a lot of choices I’m about to make, a lot to face, stand against or for, and suddenly I’m feeling very small.

Did I see myself here when I was going into my senior year of high school? No. I was in a state much like I am now – frightened, nervous, stomach twisted into knots as I gazed at an uncertain future. Where was I going? What was I doing? And for heaven’s sake, who put me behind the wheel of my life and forgot to teach me how to drive?

I’ve been in a few fender-benders, maybe even a wreck or two. But to all you rising high-school seniors, let me tell you – even without a GPS, you’re going to make it through just fine.

College applications can be scary. Listen – do them early. Early application deadlines often put you in the running for the biggest scholarships and can help you not stress out a lot during Christmas all the way to graduation. A lot of schools – Transy included – use the Common App online, which makes applying for multiple colleges easy and free. Check it out when you get the chance.

Visit campus. It is the best way to see where you feel at ease, at home. I loved coming to Transy’s campus because it was the first time I felt at ease, like I belonged at this school. I knew then and there that I was meant to come to Transy, and it could be just as easy for you to decide where you feel at home on a visit.

Get your recommendation letters early! It may sound crazy, but this is the thing people forget the most when applying for scholarships and financial aid (or at least the people I know). You don’t want to realize the day before an application needs to be postmarked that you’ve forgotten to ask for a recommendation letter. (Also, be sure to thank your teacher(s) for writing the letters – it takes time and effort and the teacher may not have a lot to spare, so let them know you appreciate their help!)

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The Admissions Department is at the school just to help you in any way they can as you go through the application process.  They’ll give the best advice and help you determine everything from eligibility for scholarships to what kind of studies you’d be interested in while attending college. Utilize them, they’re a friendly bunch who like to help.

Do not panic. You are going to do great things. There is a long road ahead of you; it may be twisted, it may be bumpy and dark and you feel like your path is blocked, but you will find your way.

And it’s going to be amazing when you do.

I’ll continue on to find my path. I may not know where it is yet, but through the applications, visits and GRE, I know I’ll find the next branch of my ever-clearing road through life. Transy has helped to guide me through, so now it’s time for me to take the wheel and remove the emergency trainer’s brakes. I’m in full control now.

Safe travels, friends.