How to Use Social Media in Your College Search


I’m sure you’ve been told before that colleges are looking to your social media to check up on you as an applicant. From what I can tell, ain’t nobody got time for that.

A big part of my job as the Digital Recruitment Coordinator at Transylvania is to connect with students on social media. Let me say that again, I’m here to connect with students, not to stalk you to find that stupid tweet or suggestive Instagram.  Really you’re lucky. You’re looking at colleges at a point in time when admissions offices, university officials, professors, and students are literally at your fingers. I’m here to help you in whatever way I possibly can, and I’m not alone. Pretty much every college and university has a presence on social media and that means there’s someone at the other end of the line waiting to answer your questions, to show you what you’re missing, remind you about important deadlines, and to connect you to the people you should know.

So how should you be using social media in your college search? It depends on where you are active and what you’re looking for.

  • Go ahead and like the university Facebook pages, but also check to see if the office of admissions has a page too – you’ll find a lot more information about the things that are important to you on an admissions specific page. There is no expectation that just because you like a university’s page that they think you’re for sure going to be a student. We also don’t stalk the people who like our page so don’t worry about that.
  • Search to see if there’s a “Class of [THE YEAR YOU’LL GRADUATE COLLEGE]” Facebook group. Groups like this will let you connect with other students who are considering the school.  There may not be a group until the first round of students are admitted but go ahead and check.  A lot of the time, current students are also members of these groups so you can ask them questions too.
  • Do you tweet? Look for university and admissions specific Twitter accounts. A lot of other organizations on campus might have a Twitter account as well. Follow the things that you want to be a part of, departments you’re interested in.  Twitter tends to be the most responsive platform. Want a quick answer – look to Twitter!  Tweet when you’re on campus to feel the love; tell us when you get your acceptance so we can celebrate with you!
  • All about Instagram? Follow us on Instagram. A lot of colleges have a strong presence on Instagram now which really lets you see what life looks like on a daily basis on campus. A lot of schools, like us, give up the accounts to complete student control so you can literally see campus through their eyes.
  • More about video? A lot of schools are on YouTube and some schools may be on Vine. Videos on YouTube range from showing you what a dorm on campus looks like to interviews with current students to helpful tips to showing you what the community feels like.  Subscribe to University and Admissions YouTube channels – there will be different content on different channels.

Don’t be afraid to really interact with us on social media, wherever you’re active. We know that social media is mostly used for social purposes but since you probably spend a bunch of time on your favorite platforms why not get some use out of them as college search tools too?  As always, know your privacy settings but don’t freak out about us stalking you to find your bad behavior online. We’re here as a resource to you, not as another impediment to you getting into college.

Questions? Always feel free to tweet at us at @beaPioneer or call the office at 859-233-8242.