The Puppy Room

Rachel Morgan

Finals week is always stressful. Students are running about in worry, studying and/or cramming as much as possible, and often skipping meals to fit more studying in. Let’s face it: finals week stresses people out.

Transy has always done its best to fight stress with our Stress Fest, which is a set of activities offered throughout finals time every semester. Activities vary from sports games to free massages being offered in our campus center. There are smoothies in the Beck Center, games in the Campus Center, and of course, the Puppy Room.

The Puppy Room happens once during Stress Fest, but it’s one of the most popular activities on campus. Dogs are brought in by trainers or friends of the staff, and the students can pet, hug, carry or play with the dogs. For most of us, it’s a pretty wonderful way of relieving stress – I know I enjoy playing with the dogs, it makes me think of my own dog at home. Hugging a puppy and petting animals is shown to relieve stress in many studies, if you want to get into the science side of it, but frankly I know that puppies in general just brighten my day. They love to be petted, play with us, and I always hate to leave when it’s time for finals or studying more. I always leave with a smile on my face though, as do most of my friends.

Transy is always taking care of us, and bringing in the puppies is a wonderful way to help students relax a little in a time of year where every student’s micromanaging their lives. It’s amazing how much a little time with some puppies can lower your stress.