Baptism by Fire: Not the Case at Transylvania

Sam Crankshaw

Starting college can be intimidating. I’m not sure if it’s more intimidating for us, meeting new people and taking harder classes, or for our parents who have to say goodbye and potentially become empty nesters.

At many schools, first-year students get a two to three day orientation and then get dumped into class. They don’t know the layout of the campus, where buildings are, who different professors are, or even who many of their classmates are. This is not the case at Transylvania.

Transylvania utilizes a unique program called August Term. It is a three week long program for all first-year students. You only have to take one class that meets once a day, five days a week. It is a great way to get to know a small groups of people (your August Term class) and the rest of you graduating class. In each August Term group there is what we call an August Term Scholar. This is an upperclassmen student who sits in on each class and helps the professor. You not only get to know your own class, but some older students as well.

After class (and homework of course), you can have fun. The August Term leaders plan many great activities for you. During my August Term, the Sustainability Office planned several bike trips that often involved free food and fun. There are also service opportunities with the CARE House and trips to the Kentucky Theater. One day a large group of us went to the Red River Gorge for a hike. Another day we went to Cincinnati for a trip to the art museum. August Term is all about getting know your classmates, Transylvania, Lexington, and the surrounding area.

At Transylvania you will not be dumped on the curb an expected to know what to do. You get to have three weeks on a campus dominated by first-years. Everyone is one group. You all get lost together, learn to know each other together, and learn what it means to be a Transylvania student together.