Lexington to the Rescue


The other day, my best friend Ashley and I noticed that we were both just in a funk — you know, when nothing bad is actually happening, but for some reason you’re just not in a great mood. And we just couldn’t snap out of it for most of the afternoon. We were stuck. We just couldn’t think of something that would inspire us to get motivated again, but luckily, Lexington came through for us.

We had already been planning to go out to a local pizza restaurant Joe Bologna’s that night (because I had rediscovered a gift card for it in my room and we’re both pretty cheap). When we got there, there was a 30 minute wait, which only added to our unnecessary complaining (we really shouldn’t have been surprised because it was 6pm on a Saturday).

But not long after we ordered our pizza, we started to feel better. Not only does Joe B’s have delicious breadsticks to tide us over, but Ashley had an epiphany about what was causing our blah moods. “You know, we’ve just been killin’ it for so long — maybe we just expect everything to keep getting better and better, when things have to naturally slow down eventually.”

It was so true. We had been joking over the last couple of months that we were just on a roll. Everything had been going our way this past semester in class, at work, and with friends. So maybe we had just gotten spoiled. Again, nothing bad had happened to specifically spark our low spirits. But maybe we had just had so many exciting things happen that a brief lack of drama felt like a huge setback by contrast.

Once we discovered the cause of our problem (which really wasn’t a problem at all), we laughed at how spoiled we felt. I know we both feel so fortunate to have had the experiences and opportunities that we had this semester, so we really had no reason to complain about a relatively quiet weekend.

But by the time we finished off a pizza and explored some shops in Hamburg, our old selves were back. Sure, we knew by the end of the night that we had been a little dramatic about how uninspired we were feeling earlier, but it was still a relief to get the slump over with.

Even as wonderful as our lives at Transy really are, sometimes everyone just needs a change of pace. Apparently, all we needed was a couple of hours doing something different. And we are so lucky to be in the heart of Lexington. Joe B’s is quick walk from campus and all the Hamburg shopping is a short drive away.

So our evening of complaining ended up reminding us how truly lucky we are after all.