May Term, Play Term

Rachel Morgan

May Term is something that most people don’t understand. A month with only one class that you attend for two hours a day? How could anyone bear to sit still for that long? Wouldn’t you get bored of that class if you had to go to it every day for a hundred and twenty minutes?

To all of these, I must say no. In fact, I love May Term.

To most students of other schools, May Term is a concept unlike any other. They take 14-18 hours a semester, and there is no such thing as taking only one class at a time while still being a full time student. How is that possible? Well, every year we get nine credits – four during Fall Term, four during Winter Term, and the final one in May Term. It’s a system that we here at Transy have always enjoyed, and while it may sound odd to you, trust me, it’s amazing.

Everything in May Term is relaxed. You see a lot more students relaxing and resting out in Back Circle, playing volleyball or soccer or just relaxing on a towel reading. There’s a big dance competition between the sororities and fraternities call Campus Sing, and it’s amazing to go watch or take part in – this year one of the fraternities took home the first place medal. There’s a lot of time to relax, hang out with your friends, read a book or do whatever you please.

Yes, there’s still class work – but the classes are special courses designed for May Term. Some of them aren’t taught any other semester. Others are travel courses – this year we have trips going to Costa Rica, Peru, and Greece, to name a few places. There are courses in Latin American history, science courses designed for non-science majors, and classes for whatever you’re interested in. I am currently in Health Psychology, for example. There’s even an ornithology class, where students get up early to study birds and their behaviors. It’s always a fantastic mix of classes offered, and it’s a great chance to take a class you may not ever get to study in full semesters without the stress of four class workloads. May Term’s one of the best things about Transy, and it’s something I’m so glad I get to take part in.