Visiting’s Fun in the Summer Sun!

Rachel Morgan

We hear it from our parents all the time. “Visit schools!” “You need to go tour the campus when you apply!” Our school counselors push the same thing: visit colleges, tour the campuses, see how you feel there. It’s a lesson that is long drilled into our brain, but also something we tend to ignore. Visiting campus takes time, and time is something that many high school students don’t have between classes and extracurricular activities. Who can afford to take a day off of school when every teacher loads you done with homework?

Well, there’s a solution to that: come visit us in the summer! Transylvania University is one university that offers summer tours of our campus. We keep some of the Admissions Ambassadors here on campus during the summer; they work in their office, field calls from prospective students, answer questions and lead tours around campus all during the summer. I roomed with one of the Admissions Ambassadors (and fellow blogger) Emily Martin last summer, and she enjoyed when she got to lead tours and answer questions – and plenty of people came to tour and explore Transylvania University.

The experience will be different, of course – there will be few classes, a much smaller student population that are here when you tour. You might come visit in the middle of one of the summer camps that we offer here on campus and see current students interacting with children and teens in basketball, computer science and other activities. I worked in the Beck Center last summer, our fitness center, and all those students are so excited to get to know and teach the younger kids about their chosen activity.

And of course, our campus is beautiful in the summertime. The trees are bright and flowers bloom – it’s beautiful here in the summer. You can walk to North Lime Donuts or Third Street Stuff, wander our campus and get a feel for just how wonderful it can be here. But you don’t have to take my word for it – come visit Transylvania sometime this summer. We’d love to have you here!