Coming Full Circle: The End of My First Year at Transy

Justine Yentsch

It’s weird to think that I’ve unpacked my dorm and have gone back home for the summer. However, I feel like the transition is a lot less jarring because of May term. In a way, May term feels a bit like August term. You have one class each day, and then plenty of time to pursue any extracurricular interests (even if those just consist of you having a Netflix marathon). But although they are similar in that aspect, the underlying dynamic is quite different.

At the beginning of August term, you’re definitely nervous. You don’t know that many people, you’re unused to the campus, and you might be intimidated by your class schedule. Even though the campus will be your home for the next four years, you might not be able to picture what you’ll look like at the end of the journey. So you decorate your dorm, bond with your roommate, and go to class. There are events to introduce campus policies, meetings for campus activities, and ridiculous amounts of free food. And you might not realize it until later, but those weeks really prepare you for the upcoming semesters. Your august term class guides you to become an effective writer and communicator in the classroom, and you get to meet one-on-one with your professor to help you decide on what classes to take and to see how you’re adjusting to life at college. By the start of fall semester, you don’t feel as lost and oblivious as you did at the start.

After fall and winter semester, May term at the end of your first year is optional. (You have three May terms to take during your experience at Transy) There are endless choices of classes. For example, this year there is everything from hiking in Peru to studying forensic chemistry. Each student picks something they are passionate about, so every classroom is engaging. The weather is warm, and you can feel summer approaching. Also, unlike August term, it’s not just the first-years on campus. You get the chance to interact with many different ages of students while in a relaxed atmosphere.

Going home for the summer after your first year at college is definitely bittersweet. You’ll get a few months for yourself, and whether you’re traveling, working, or resting, it can be a nice break. But it will be strange to be away from campus for so long, and unless you live near the friends you’ve made at Transy, you won’t be seeing them for awhile. Nevertheless, that only makes it all the more exciting to be able to come back next fall.