There’s Good in it All!

Lesley Goodaker

Let’s be honest. For most of us, high school was hell. While there were some good times, but, if given the opportunity, very few of us would choose to return. As I had all too quickly realized, high school is nothing like the Disney movies I grew up on (i.e. we were not “All in This Together”). Nonetheless, that doesn’t go to say that there aren’t certain aspects of high school that I don’t miss.

1. Free Time! (What is that even?)

Colleges have roughly 4 years to prepare you for a lifelong career—suffice to say there’s a lot of work. Since the fall, I have become extremely more self-motivated. Forget those daily reminders that you have a paper due at the end of the week, and three quizzes and two tests the next. For the most part, deadlines are between you and your agenda book

2. Snow Days!?!

Ha! Don’t make me laugh. For most college campuses, snows days are cancelled classes due to inclement weather are a rarity. Luckily, Transy’ small campus size makes those unpleasant walks a little more bearable.

3. Lockers

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays last semester I had three classes in one day. While that should seem like nothing compared to my 8-block high school schedule, it would be a load off my mind (and back) to not have to go throughout y day with a Bio textbook the size of Texas, my laptop and charger (I’ll be as dead as it if I forget to charge my battery before lecture), at least three notebooks, and a workbook for German! Thankfully, Transy’s campus is noticeably lacking in hills!

4. Extra-Credit!

Extra credit? Bonus? Curve? What is this nonsense!?! While most professors, especially here at Transy, are more than willing to help you out throughout the semester, bonus opportunities are generally few and far between. If I had even a fraction of the extra credit opportunities in college that I did in high school, well, I’ll let you figure that one out.

5. Psssh!—Absences?

Remember the days when you could have a mild case of the sniffles and justify staying home? All took was 45 second call to your school and you were excused for the rest of the day? Fuhgett about it! No more Netflix marathons on the couch or playing hooky. While it’s likely that you will get a class cancelled here or there, you’ll likely spend those days playing catch up.

But never to fear! In spite of a few pit falls, college has its many benefits! Like…

1. In college, you are your own boss!

While that does come with great responsibility, if you’re like me, it’s your first chance to test the waters of adulthood. Like I mentioned in my previous post, college is about exploring and making mistakes here and there. Try out a new sport, lay in bed all day on Saturday, get a new haircut—be adventurous!

2. Make new friends.

While college does come with its fair share of heartbreaks, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Talk to someone new in the caf, say “hello” to a different person in the café, ask to play volleyball out back with a different group of people. Who knows, they could turn out to be your long lost bestie!

3. It’s a whole new world!

College is a whole new world—especially Transy! Generally, college campuses are set in unique settings to draw in students from all over the country, and even, the world. Even a five-minute walk down the street could prove to be a great adventure! Being less than 10 minutes from the heart of Lexington, Transy is located in an adventure-rich environment that never ceases to amaze me.

4. The decision is yours!

While the thought of making a choice, let alone a life changing decision, typically petrifies me, there is something about college that is liberating. While high school was all about choosing classes you may or may not like, college is all about you! Sure, you decide where to eat, you decide who to talk to, etc. But most importantly, you choose what to do! College is about determining what you want to do with your life. You want to major in business, go for it! Always wanted to learn how to spin on a pottery wheel?—why not?

5. What you learn here sticks with you for life!

In spite of the fact that you will spend approximately 4 years in college, the lessons you learn here—both in and out of the classroom—will stick with you for life! If we’re being honest, no one likes those wordy, unrealistic math problems. You know the ones I’m talking about…If Johnny’s yellow car is travelling east at a speed of 45 MPH on a sunny Tuesday afternoon. How many pancakes will Susie need to shingle her purple dog house? Okay, so maybe not that unrealistic, there are aspects of my high school education that I know will never prove practical. While not all classes you take—especially in at a liberal arts college—will seem pertinent at the time, they’re all designed to promote you to become a well-rounded student.

High School and college both have their ups and downs, but ultimately it comes down to what you make of it. So, as you’re last few months (or years for you young ‘uns) of high school come to a close, just remember that there are good and bad parts to it all, but others before ou have come out alive!