Entering a Changing World

Sam Crankshaw

When schools typically talk about diversity, they simply discuss skin color. Diversity at Transylvania goes much further than this. Transy has a substantial and growing number of international students, students from across the country, people who practice various religions, are of different political ideologies, etc.

Transylvania recently presented its World Culture Fair. There were several booths in the cafeteria (The Caf) that displayed information on world religions, non-governmental organization development efforts, cultures, food, dance, and so much more. We even had dancers perform traditional Rwandan and Indian Dances. There was also a choir of refugee children and an Brazilian drumming concert. At Transylvania, we don’t simply focus on our ratios, but the mix of world cultures, as well as the celebration and expression of our solidarity here.

The World Culture Fair is not only representative of Transylvania, but also of Lexington and the vibrant downtown that we are lucky to be a part of, and that is lucky to have us. Throughout the year Lexington hosts festivals to celebrate Latino and German culture, Halloween, art, cuisine, dance, film, and more. Transylvania and Lexington strive to preserve and celebrate various cultural institutions, while creating a dynamic in which these cultures can coexist, work together, and appreciate each other.

As you begin to start seriously thinking about your transition from high school to college, know that you are joining a community of students who are accepting, interested in, and appreciative of all types of people and the things they will bring to the table. This idea will be expressed more clearly as you enter August Term, which will have a focus of identity and belonging in a changing world.

Transylvania and Lexington are an exciting place to experience the world without even leaving campus. Leaving home can be intimidating, but Transylvania makes a home for all.