Your First Year of College, As Told By Miley Cyrus

Lesley Goodaker

The Best of Both Worlds

It’s the first day of August term and you’re ready to take on the world. You’re just beginning that awkward limbo between your last years as a teen and your first as an adult. Today it’s intramurals in back circle, tomorrow it’s meetings in the boardroom!

pic 1

Just Like You

It’s been a few weeks. August term is long gone and the upperclassmen have arrived on campus. In spite of your best efforts, it seems like you can’t escape the flashing “freshman” sign that hangs over you.

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Pumpin’ Up the Party

Oh yeah, time for your first college party! Wait, you mean it’s not a pajama party!?!

pic 3

This is the Life

You’re a few months in and things are looking up. You’ve successfully integrated yourself in to the upperclassmen and classes are going well. You’re able to finally just be your weird freshman self!

pic 4

Well, maybe not that weird.

Can’t be Tamed

Finals week has come and gone and you survived! You’ve survived your first full semester as a college student. Now it’s time spread your wings and fly!

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Do My Thang

Winter term has begun! You’ve more or less moved beyond those wide-eyed freshman fears and are ready to take on the world.

pic 6

Love Money Party

Spring Break…’nuff said!

pic 7

We Can’t Stop

Spring Break has come and gone and all that remains is finals week. Grab your teddy bear and hang in there; you’re in the home stretch!

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Wrecking Ball

You did it! You made mistakes and you had your successes. You found out who you can count on and who you can’t. But most importantly, you’ve learned to do you! You may not have it all together, but let the haters hate. ;P Bring on Sophomore year!

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