Old Morrison (Smoothly) Shakes Things Up

Sam Crankshaw

All that your parents, teachers, counselors, friends, and peers want to talk about is the transition that you will make from high school to college. My ears were flooded with “Oh, your parents will be empty nesters,” and “I’m so glad you’ll live on campus. Everyone needs that college experience.” You will have plenty of people giving their input this summer, be it useful or useless, so I’ll change it up and give you some insight into the transition that Transy itself is going through.

We recently said goodbye to our 220th graduating class, sending pioneers throughout the world to various graduate schools, careers, and service positions. We are now looking forward to welcoming the class of 2018 in just a few short months, as well as a new president, Dr. Seamus Carey.

There have been a lot of rumors and false fears spreading through Transy and its network regarding our administration. President R. Owen Williams is moving on to head the Associated Colleges of the South, so we hired Dr. Carey and are looking forward to his fresh ideas and strong leadership.

Dr. Carey served as the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Sacred Heart University, where he proved his dedication to liberal arts. At Sacred Heart he implemented a performing arts minor and a Great Challenges Curriculum that consisted of interdisciplinary minors. Dr. Carey has proven to be a dedicated promoter of the liberal arts, a great administrator, and speaking as someone who has met him, a great person.

As with most transitions, there can be hiccoughs and rough patches, however, I don’t think that that will be the case at Transy.  Dr. Carey reached out to SGA officers and scheduled a meeting to discuss what we saw as the University’s strengths and areas of concern. Dr. Carey is already working very hard to ensure that his transition, ideas, and policies are all implemented smoothly, efficiently, effectively, and most of all, for the benefit of the University.

Transy’s ability to undergo this transition smoothly proves its strength and commitment from dedicated students, faculty, administrators, and alumni. Do not fear the transition that Transy is experiencing, but embrace the change and make the future be all that it can be.