Community…and a Little Kentucky Basketball

Sam Crankshaw

In case you weren’t aware, Lexington basically has the best basketball team in the world. We’ve won the NCAA tournament eight times (we are on our way to a ninth), we were the first team to have 2,000 wins, and the NBA envies our team, drafting numerous players every year.

Sure, Kentucky basketball may be an institution of the University of Kentucky, but it reaches far beyond UK. Kentucky basketball builds a community that brings all of Lexington, the state, and the nation (aside from Duke fans) together.

During Kentucky’s last game against the University of Louisville, one of Kentucky’s most serious rivals, the sense of community at Transy and throughout Lexington was through the roof. Dorm rooms were filled to the rim with friends piled on couches, chairs, and beds. Residence Life organized food and mocktails in Thomson Dorm and projected the game onto an entire wall.

I watched the game with several of my friends, and made a few new ones along the way. Kentucky has a tradition of dominating the court, and it brings all walks of life together to support our team. It doesn’t matter what major you are, what year you are, greek or indy, northern or southern, Kentucky basketball binds us. During the game, you could hear the shouts and screams resonating through campus and Lexington. After the win, the city was electrified.

When Kentucky plays basketball, Lexington, a city of just over 300,000 people, never feels so tight knit. The restaurants, dorms, houses, apartments, and basically anywhere else that you can find a radio or a TV are packed. The community created by our local history and traditions provides Transylvania students with an inclusive environment that allows us to strengthen our friendships and create new ones. Transylvania is not confined to its borders, but rather pulled into and essential to the strong central Kentucky community.