College in Style

Mattie Bruton

I’m a big fan of clothes. I love finding unique clothing pieces and experimenting with unorthodox looks. Nothing brightens my day like having the perfect outfit for my mood, and I’m constantly on the lookout for interesting and unexpected new trends. One of the perks of going to school in Lexington is that this city has a terrific shopping scene, making it a great place to unleash one’s inner fashionista.

Of course, there’s the obvious- Lexington’s Fayette mall is the one of the biggest in the country. Home to just about any retail clothing chain you can imagine, including Anthropologie, Forever 21, and Charlotte Russe, the mall can cater to anyone’s style sensibilities without breaking the college budget. And with finals week, impending and the semester growing steadily more stressful, a retail therapy escape like that offered by Fayette Mall can really do the trick to relieve the pressures of projects and papers.

But while the mall is certainly fantastic, some of you may seek a more alternative and adventurous shopping experience. Lexington also has a multitude of less conspicuous shopping gems. This city has wide variety of out-of-the-way thrift and vintage shops just waiting to be discovered.

One of my favorites of such establishments is Street Scene, a little local shopping venue which carries a wide variety of funky, quirky, and extremely cool vintage wares. If, like me, nothing gets you more pumped than the thought of rooting through heaps of vintage plaid skirts, corduroy bellbottoms, grandma sweaters, big floppy hats, and fun costume jewelry, then Street Scene will certainly be your idea of paradise. It’s a great place to go with some friends to find some truly unique pieces and have a movie-montage-esque dress up spree!

Of course, Street Scene is only one of many trendy little shopping locales throughout Lexington- there are many more out there I’ve yet to discover, and I’m looking forward to exploring them in my constant quest to dress to impress.