Springtime Resolutions

Mattie Bruton

This year’s prolonged winter has caused me to spend  the last couple of months in a state of hibernation, creating within my dorm room a nest of blankets and pillows from which I emerged only when the basic demands of existence, like classes and food, called for it. When I did leave the cozy warmth of Forrer, I usually tried to minimize my time spent outside in the cold. And while there are a lot of great things about a Transy winter (see my earlier blog) it became all too easy for me to cling tightly to the glowing hearth of campus and neglect the outside world.

 However, as Transylvania’s campus is thawing out at long last, and I can finally venture outside for more than ten minutes without my nose getting numb, I have emerged from my winter den and into the wide, bright  world of springtime Lexington. I’m psyched for the new season, so I’ve made a list of spring-time resolutions:

1. Explore food

Lexington has an impressively thriving food culture. From Korean to Creole, every cuisine may be found somewhere in the community.  While in the winter-time it was oh-so tempting to stick to the Forrer cafeteria (conveniently and warmly located in my very own dorm building), now that it’s heating up I can’t wait to get out into the city and sample the culinary variety that surrounds me.

2. Get Back to Nature

I want to take the opportunity of this beautiful weather to more deeply appreciate the many natural splendors of Kentucky. The absolutely stunning hills of Red River Gorge are just an hour away from Lexington, and is a great place for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and rock climbing. But you don’t even have to travel outside of Lexington to get a little dose of mother nature in the springtime. The UK arboretum is open to the public and a tranquil, beautiful spot that’s perfect for a relaxing springtime stroll, all within walking distance of Transy’s campus.

3. Experience the arts

Transy does a great job of bringing prominent writers, artists, and musicians directly campus, but there’s even more culturally cool events throughout the Lexington community. And I admit, when the weather was chillier, I was guilty of ignoring the Lexington arts scene. That’s why part three of my springtime resolutions is to seek out thought-provoking and fun arts events like film screenings, gallery hops, theatrical productions, and local concerts.


I didn’t make any new year’s resolutions this year- maybe because winter’s always felt more like a time for hot coco than new beginnings to me. But in spring, with the world getting greener and air getting warmer, it feels like just the right time to challenge myself to find new adventures in my community.