How the Career Development Center Saved My Life


Okay, that’s really overdramatic. But the Career Development staff really is so helpful that I wonder how in the world I could survive without them.

I’ve met with Assistant Director Michael Cronk several times over my 2 1/2 years at Transy, and every time I leave his office I feel so relieved and excited about my future.

Our first appointment was during my first year when I was applying to be an Admissions Ambassador for the first time. I felt so confident about my application when our meeting ended, and he even told me questions that I’d probably get asked in the interview. I did get asked those questions, and guess who already had awesome answers planned out?

Last year, I met with Michael to update that résumé before I applied for the internship I had during my spring semester.

And just this past semester, I’ve met with Michael three times. The first was when I was wanting help finding an internship for this summer. I was hoping he could give me ideas of places to apply. Instead, he got me an interview.

When I met with Michael, he asked if I had ever heard of God’s Pantry Food Bank. Of course I had — it’s one of the most well-known and largest nonprofits in the area. I was glad to have the suggestion of another website to explore.

But then, Michael mentioned that they were looking for interns for their development department, which he knew because one of their staff members is his neighbor! So with me still sitting in his office, he gave her a call and asked for more details about the position, got her to send a job description over, and even mentioned me and some of my previous experience (my résumé was still up on his computer screen right in front of him!).

I met with Michael’s neighbor a couple of weeks later and over Spring Break, I was offered the internship! I am so so excited to begin working with such a great organization doing things like grant-writing and assisting with event planning.

But I wouldn’t have known about the position without Michael’s connections. How lucky is that? Ever since then, he reminds me that it wasn’t luck, that he wouldn’t have passed along my information if he didn’t know I’d be qualified or a good fit for the position.

So, literally, it pays to start working with the Career Development Center as early as your first year. We really are so lucky to have staff like Michael that go above and beyond every day to make intimidating things like job searches and scholarship applications seem not just manageable, but even exciting!

Even if you just want to brainstorm ideas with someone about what you want to do with your life after college, or if you have a specific application to perfect, they’re the best and they’ll help make you the best candidate for the job. What more can you ask for?